Extreme Couponing: Interview with Nathan Engels Part 2

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A few months ago, when the first episode (at the time just a one time special) of TLC’s Extreme Couponing aired, I was lucky enough to get an interview with Nathan Engels. He was a participant in that initial show and is the owner of the wildly popular couponing site We Use Coupons.

Last week, Nathan was on the show once again, but this time his entire segment was devoted to couponing for the troops. I had the opportunity to once again chat with Nathan, and he had some suggestions on how we can help our troops. He also expressed anger over the recent coupon fraud drama surrounding Jamie Kirlew and his desire for the TLC show to start educating a bit more then exploiting!

Me: I’m so happy to have the opportunity to interview you once again. I’m curious, has anything changed for you since the original special that aired a few months back? Do people recognize you on the street and bombard you for couponing tips?

Mr Coupon: LOL I’m just an average Joe, nothing special.  Every so often I’ll get recognized and I always have a chuckle!  I work from home and so I’m not out all that much.


Me: You know I have to ask your opinion on the recent drama regarding Jaime Kirlew, one of the participants featured on the first episode of the new series Extreme Couponing! Do you think there was coupon fraud or is it all just a big misunderstanding? Speak broadly if you aren’t able to speak specifically!

Mr Coupon: Well I wrote an article on WeUseCoupons about the issue.  I am not to happy about it.


Me: Looks like you were able to donate a fairly large haul to the military! Have you received any feedback from the troops on how much they appreciated your packages? Is there anything we, as the general (non extreme couponing) public, can do to further help our military?

Mr Coupon: I actually just taught a free coupon class at the FRG here in Cincinnati.  I got to hang out with the same army moms you saw on the TLC show.  Care packages lift their spirits, they show that we care and they aren’t forgotten.  If you have a coupon, extra items and want to donate, find a local FRG or National guard post and drop off the items.  We also have worked with Operation TroopAid!


Me:What made you decide to be on the show a second time? Did TLC come to you OR did you go to them this time?

Mr Coupon: TLC has always come to me.  They asked if we wanted to do it again, and my wife and I accepted.


Me: There has been some discussion about TLC (The Learning Channel) and how there isn’t much learning going on! Have you ever considered asking TLC if they’d be interested in taking the show into a more educational direction? Seems that there’s a lot of show, but not much tell!

Mr Coupon: I wish they would have more education on the show!  They have a great opportunity to really help people out! Great comment though, there is a lot of ‘showing’ going on!

Thanks for the interview Nathan! I’m so glad  you went back on the show for such a great cause!

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  1. Was looking for Nathan’s site and found yours instead! Lots of great information – love it and keep it coming! ;-)

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