Boys Clothes

Find Boys Clothes for Cheap!

Boys Clothes

Boys WEAR their clothes. They wear their clothes OUT!

With the exception of boys dress clothes, I try to just buy simple and cheap when I am shopping for boys clothes. My son is not picky at all about what I dress him in, as long as it’s not a dress and it’s not pink!

Here are a few rules I go by:

  • No more than $10 for a pair of jeans
  • No more than $8 for a pair of shorts
  • No more than $7 for a shirt (…unless it’s super cute ;). This is the one area in boys clothes that I allow some wiggle room. What do most people notice on a boy? His shirt of course!)
  • No more than $14 for a good quality sweater. 

Now quite typically, I can easily stay under these price points. They are actually on the higher end of what I am comfortable buying.

After I factor in price…I make sure it’s comfy.

Cheap is cheap, but it’s not worth the low price if it’s scratchy (my son has sensitive skin) or not season appropriate (we’re in Texas so I gravitate towards lighter t-shirts and layer them with long sleeve shirts when it gets cold).

I’d like to say I shop with my son for his clothes, but honestly he’s not quite there yet. He doesn’t really care. Typically when I go shopping for boys clothes, I am by myself (or with my daughter…who is VERY interested in clothes!). Once he gets older/cares though, his opinion will carry a lot of weight as long as it’s below my price points (which will probably adjust with age/size).

Here are my favorite stores to find boys clothes for cheap:

Boys Clothes for Play: Walmart’s Garanimals line is awesome for play clothes. It’s ridiculously cheap and not poorly made. Next we go for Target, although he’s sizing out of the baby department now and I’m not really liking the “big boy” play clothes at Target. Also the Jumping Beans line from Kohl’s…especially if I have a coupon or Kohls Cash.

Boys Clothes Nice School/Church: Target for jeans and slacks. Children’s Place for shirts and sweaters. Walmart for long sleeved shirts to layer with.

Finally…I do comb the consignment store racks for boys clothes. However, Noah is entering an age where he (and other boys his age) is wearing his clothes for longer. Therefore…actually wearing it out. This means not only is there very little in his size at the consignment store that looks good (meaning not faded knees!), I also prefer to spend a bit more to get him something that will last longer.

Where do you get boys clothes for your sons? Comment below! 

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10 thoughts on “Find Boys Clothes for Cheap!”

  1. I second the Target option – my son is in the bigger baby/toddler sizes right now so they are still cute…my sister swears by Gymboree sales…and if I ever have my act together enough I plan to try that out. (Although they have WAY more girl clothes in there….) I’ve never tried Walmart – I’ll take a look!

  2. Walmart is great for play clothes, but for dress clothes, I’ve grown to love Burlington Coat Factory, they have awesome little suits and dress shirts, and they’re really inexpensive.

    1. You know, I wish I didn’t detest our local Burlington so much. I always go into them when we travel, but the one closest to me is such a wreck. The employees are rude and it’s very dirty! That said, I’ve been in plenty of others that are AWESOME, so great tip!

  3. Old Navy and Gap Factory Outlet. Sign up for their emails and wait for the sales where it is an additional percentage off the already discounted price. I also comb the clearance rack in those two stores for cute stuff. Wal-mart is hit and miss for my little guy, and we don’t have a Target in my town. Childrens Place also has some really great sales, and they often have their clearance sections on an additional percentage off of the lowest ticketed price.

  4. TARGET!!! I shop Target in store and online for my 4 boys. If my local store runs out of sizes, I shop online and usually get free shipping. I do commiserate about the “other” side of Target clothes… yuck. Mine are so young that we are not their yet. I am really enjoying your blog 🙂

  5. Old Navy clearance is amazing!! I’ve also recently discovered Carter’s and I’m slightly obsessed. I always spend enough to get a cash coupon for my next visit (their version of Kohl’s Cash) and I’ve never spent more than $10 for jeans (ones that last) for all of my boys (I have 3 boys!). They always have short and long-sleeved t-shirts on sale on tables throughout the store. Also, their online store nearly always has a free shipping coupon if you sign up for the emails. And, of course, who doesn’t love Target?! 🙂

    1. I like Carter’s too! My son has grown out of them though for the most part. They carry his size, but not so much his style. I do still buy stuff for my daughter there though!

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