Finding Age Appropriate Chores for Your Kids

One grape for grape for grape for me...

What are age appropriate chores for your kids?

Recently, a friend asked me: “What are age appropriate chores for your kids? They are still so young. You don’t expect them to vacuum or anything, do you?

We had been chatting about housework, and how I kind of hate it. (oh gosh I do)

She mentioned that I had just a few more years until the kids could start helping with chores.

I laughed and told her they’ve had “chores” since they could sit up!

Now, I’m a big believer that everyone needs to pitch in to keep a family running smoothly.

Each extra body you add to your household increases the overall workload when it comes time to do laundry, shop and prepare meals, and general daily household maintenance.

So the question is, what are age appropriate chores for your kids?

The answer?

Whatever they are developmentally/physically capable of, that helps the family run a bit more smoothly.

♥ For a small baby that can barely sit up, this might just mean putting their toys into the bin for you while you hold it right beside them.

♥ For a 3 year old, this might mean picking the grapes off the vine to put into containers for easy snacking.

♥ For a 5 year old, this might mean doing a quick run through the house each day to find any stray laundry that needs picking up.

How do you know what qualifies as age appropriate chores for your kids?

Ask them to do something and see if they can do it! 

Now, I will say…this probably only works when they are young. When they are older and they “catch on” to your sneaky chore preparedness testing…they might just play dumb, “Oh mom, I just can’t do this. It’s way too hard.”.


If you try, and it’s MORE work for you, they likely aren’t ready. You can either try when they are older, or consider it something that you do together while they learn.

If you give them a task and you don’t have to do more than observe and maybe answer a few questions though? They are probably ready!

So much of parenting is just listening to your instincts, and yet nowadays we have parenting advice screaming at us everywhere we turn!

Ignore the charts, ignore what everyone else is doing, and just observe your kids in their play and in situations they are comfortable in.

You learn so much when  you just sit back and watch your children play! That’s when they really shine and sparkle!

If you see that they love to play in their kitchen, bring them into the big family kitchen with you and find something (safe) for them to do.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am not going to give you a nice little chart entitled: Age Appropriate Chores for Your Kids

Every child is different and every family has different needs. I also think charts like that are just designed to make parents feel bad about themselves and their kids. I’m also not qualified to give parenting advice to anyone. So all I could do is say what’s worked for me. Since my oldest is 4…well, that would be a short little chart.

Let your kids be kids, don’t give them a 50 page ” To Do ” list! However, don’t feel bad about telling them they need to pitch in. A family isn’t the burden of one or two parents.

It’s the beautiful mixture of everyone in the household, and everyone should pull their weight (even if they only weigh 30 lbs!).

How do you find age appropriate chores for your kids?


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