Giveaway: Enter to WIN an Epic Blu-Ray #EpicDay


We’ve been pretty excited for Epic around here.

We had an awesome Epic party, complete with a nature hunt!

Now it’s time for YOU to get in on the Epic action.

You can enter to win a copy of the movie Epic which comes out on Blu-Ray/DVD on August 20th!

This is an easy entry giveaway, so you won’t have to jump through a million hoops to enter.

First though, be sure you check out these cool Epic Activities provided by Fox Home Entertainment: 

  • and click the image below to print a tip sheet for an Eco Friendly lunch:

Now you can have your own Epic adventure!

How To Enter

To enter to win an FFF giveaway, you just have to fulfill two criteria:

  • You must be a CONFIRMED email subscriber (subscribe here)
  • You must be awesome 😉

In addition, I’d love if you followed me on the following social networks (not required, but it makes you MORE awesome):

After you have fulfilled the requirements, just leave a comment letting me know what you do (big or little) that helps out the environment. 

This giveaway will end on 8/31/13 at midnight CST.

The winner will be contacted and will have 48 hours to respond before I choose another winner. The prize fulfillment is handled by Fox Home Entertainment. FFF is not responsible for prizes. This giveaway is sponsored by Fox Home Entertainment Insiders. I have not been compensated to run this giveaway, although I will receive a copy of the blu ray as well. All opinions are my own. See my disclosure  policy for more details.



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109 thoughts on “Giveaway: Enter to WIN an Epic Blu-Ray #EpicDay”

  1. We recycle and we love to buy items at yard sales and thrift stores and turn them into new, unusual items.

  2. My family and I do alot of recycling. We try to reuse what we can as much as possible, plastic containers, bottles.

  3. We use “green” products around our house for everything. Refillable water pitcher, bottles, lunchbox, containers, etc. reducing our waste. I cloth diapered as well.

  4. We recycle everything – and I mean EVERYTHING! We recycle in the obvious way, but also in some not-so-obvious ways. For example, instead of throwing way the little cups that yogurt, applesauce, fruit, etc. comes in, we use them for art and craft projects (they make the perfect paint cups and even better play dough keepers). We reuse old mail by putting it through the shredder and using the pieces for “filler” for everything from holiday craft/decorations to gardening to party confetti and more.
    We also make an effort to plant either a tree, bush, or flowers at least one a month. Luckily, we live in a city that always has opportunities for us to do this.
    We pride ourselves on being a “green’ family as much as we can; after all, our name is GREENlee!

  5. We do not buy very many new things – much of what we own was purchased at garage sales or second hand stores, I think 3/4 of my daughters clothes and toys have been acquired this way. What is new has generally been given as Christmas/Birthday gifts. We frequently swap toys and other items with other families. We also recycle.

  6. We recycle, and even make a huge effort to include electronics in that recycling effort (Best Buy takes any size, though larger items need to go into the store).

  7. We recycle everything that our community allows and I teach my daycare kids the importance of not littering. We want to keep not only our play area clean but everywhere else too.

  8. We make sure that we turn off the lights when we leave a room. We have also turned our air condition down several degrees to save energy. I try to use reusable containers for my son’s lunch.

  9. We recycle, use a wood burning stove to heat our house, plant trees, compost, and have started making some of our own cleaning products!

  10. we recycle as much as possible. our city has a great recycling program. i also try to cut down on water usage as much as possible, taking shorter showers.

  11. Our family uses reusable bags for shopping, recycles everything imaginable, sends old toys, outgrown clothing, and sports equipment to charities to be redistributed; and we try to plan our errands on specific days with that will not require extra miles to save gas and wear on our vehicle and the environment.

  12. We recycle a lot of items….plastic, paper, boxboard, glass, cardboard, plastic bags, newspaper. School lunches go into reusable containers instead of baggies, and we use reusable water bottles as well.

  13. My husband & I have been recycling everything for years now. It really helps to cut down on what goes into the landfills.

  14. I recycle and turn off lights and unplug appliances when not in use. Save on gas by doing all errands in one day.

  15. Our family recycles as much as possible and feed all of our non useable food stuffs to our flock of free range chickens. I love your blog and have followed you for a long time. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  16. I subscribe at amweeks at ptd dot net. And I am awesome! And I try to recycle and freecycle as much as I can!

  17. We are big believers in reduce, reuse and recycle. We do not buy new items as long as we can use something we have already. For instance, my kids are using backpacks that are 6 years old.

  18. i recycle as much as possible (super easy to do, since my city participates in single-stream recycling), use reusable containers for lunch, use no pesticides in my yard, and use mostly natural health and home-care products.

  19. This year we switched from using plastic sandwich bags to a reusable bento container for school lunches.

  20. We always take a trashbag when we go on walks or to the beach to clean up after others. We also buy recycled products and use reusable food storage items whenever possible.

    1. Oops! I forgot to tell you we recycle as much as the city lets us. We have two bins and they are always filled up!

  21. We cloth diaper, hang dry, use compact fluorescent bulbs, wrap gifts with newspaper etc., buy local and second hand and donate, use our own coffee and water cups, use reusable shopping bags, pay bills online and get statements online, and use rechargeable batteries. We also recycle everything.

  22. I recycle. I also reuse all my grocery bags (when I forget my reusable ones!) , fluorescent bulbs, try to do everything online (instead of paper copies), we also don’t buy Styrofoam cups/plates whenever possible. Truly we do our best in where we are living, with what we have-

  23. I recycle water bottles and also recycle crayons by meting the broken pieces n decorative fun shapes so they can reuse the crayons.

  24. I am an obsessive recycler. What I can’t recycle at my house, I take to my parent’s where they can recycle more. 🙂

  25. Subscribed via twitter. We recycle anytyhing recyclable, buy mostly used products, use energy efficient appliances where possible, compost, and make from scratch using less packaging.

  26. I upcycle furniture and other things that I find on the side of the road turning trash into treasure!

  27. We recycle everything and up cycling is a huge family event. My children are so conscious of the environment, no bottled water for us, we pack out lunch in reusable containers. My girls grow plants from avocado pits and pineapple tops to plant and take them to nursing homes and senior citizen centers

  28. We do as much as we can and as much as possible to help out the environment. When it comes to recycling we do plastic, glass and paper and we use our old food scraps for our composting. We try to conserve as much water as possible by cutting down on how much we do laundry (always cold water) and how long we shower ( not cold water 🙂 ) We also try to carpool as much as possible to try to cut down on our carbon footprint. Oh by the way I follow you on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and
    Google +. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  29. We have more recycling every week than we do trash! We use natural products to clean, baby wipes, diapers (we use cloth and disposable), etc. We try to use as many post consumer recycled products as possible!

  30. We always make sure that there are no leaky faucets to help conserve water, especially the spigot for the hose outside. We also have a garden and never use any harmful products to keep the bugs or weeds out of it.

  31. I use reusable shopping bags, I recycle and compost, and I bike, walk, or use public transportation whenever possible.

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