Do you suck at saving money? Do you blow your budget every single month? Get to the root of the problem! It might be an easy solution.

Find Out Why You SUCK At Saving Money!

Do you suck at saving money? Do you blow your budget every single month? Get to the root of the problem! It might be an easy solution.

Got a Money Problem? What’s Distracting You?

Do you currently have more month than money?

You know you need to make a budget and stick with it.

You know  you will have to make some sacrifices. You know this, and on some level you’ve accepted it.

You might already have your game plan all mapped out!

So what’s the problem?

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Why, are you looking at the end of yet another month wondering how you can float your way to your next paycheck?

The truth is, it’s way too easy to get distracted nowadays! That money problem that seems so big and so important starts to fade away into the background as life gets in the way.

We lose sight of our goals and our eyes slip away from the prize!

Only to rear up again at the worst possible moment.

  • When the electricity bill is due.
  • When you need to go grocery shopping.
  • When you find out your daughter needs braces.
  • When you have a health scare and you need further (expensive) testing to get answers.

Wow, have you ever been in that situation?

I’ll tell you what, I have and it’s not fun. 

So how do we keep that from happening? How do we stay on top of our finances and keep it in our crosshairs while still living and enjoying life?

First off, you need to sit down and pinpoint your distractions. 

What specifically is throwing you off track?

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Is it a spouse who enjoys spending and creates arguments when you try to bring up the subject of your family budget (not going to lie, sometimes this is ME)?

Is it the well meaning friend who constantly asks to go to pricey restaurants for lunch even though you’ve told her that you simply can’t afford it? (but you go anyway, because who wants to be the cheapskate?)

Whatever is sabotaging you NEEDS to be resolved, and it needs to be resolved NOW! 

→ This week, sit down and write down the top five things that are holding you back from sticking to your budget. 

Write out a game plan for how you can counter these distractions.

For your friend who wants to go to fancy restaurants…

Bring your lunch from home and tell her you are sorry but you don’t want to waste your food. 

For your spouse who argues with you when you try to talk finances…

Set ground rules for your conversation, or if it is easier…write it all out and send it in an email to discuss in person once cooler heads can prevail. 

If you’d like, you can share what has worked for you to cut out the noise and the distractions in the comments.

It might really help someone that is struggling right now. 

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