Guest Post: Frugal Ways to Improve Your Home for the Spring Season

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This is a guest post from Jane Sanders

Getting ready for spring is exciting because spring is such a beautiful season. It brings in new life, warmer temperatures, and fresh air. Getting your home ready for the spring is easy, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Here are frugal ways you can improve your home to prepare for the new season.

Open the Windows

Open the curtains and the windows. Letting in light and fresh air will help clean out the old stale air in your home. Adding new, clean, fresh air will help you feel better and possibly reduce sickness in your home. Extra sunlight brightens your home, and as the days get longer, you can enjoy it longer. An added bonus is that it’s free.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is probably the first thing most people think of when preparing the home for spring. De-clutter each room of your home and get rid of things you don’t use anymore. Put away winter decorations, and organize your kitchen cabinets and pantry.

Do a thorough cleaning of your home. Scrub the floors, and wash down any walls and doors that look grungy. Scrub linoleum floors and tile, and gently wash your wood floors with water or vinegar and water. Scrub the bathrooms, and clean out any area that normally doesn’t get touched. Clean away all the cold and dreariness.

Add Flowers

Flowers look and smell beautiful. They can instantly brighten up a room and add the feeling of spring. If you have new flowers popping up in your garden, bring them in and decorate your tables. If you don’t have any gardens, skip the expensive floral arrangements at your florist and get silk flowers. They are less expensive, and they will look beautiful all season.

Add Spring Scents

Change out all your air fresheners and candles to spring scents. If you don’t want to spend money on expensive air fresheners, keep the windows open longer to let in fresh air. Add houseplants to freshen up the place. Plants add oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide to naturally freshen up your home.


Adding a coat of paint to the walls can instantly freshen up your home, and it is a lot cheaper than redoing a room or doing other large scale home improvements. Add a lighter coat of paint to brighten up a room. A lighter color with the bright sunlight can significantly improve the appearance of any room.

Clean Up the Yard

The yard is just as much apart of your home as the house itself. Clean up the yard, mow the lawn, get rid of sticks, leaves, and debris, and add some flowers. Beautiful curb appeal will make people look forward to seeing the rest of your home.

The more you can do for your home, the better it will look. Preparing for spring will make you feel better and welcome guests into your home all spring. Save money and start fresh.

This post was contributed by Jane Sanders from Debt Management. Visit her site for more information on creating a great debt management plan.

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