A Heartbreaking Story and a Mama That Needs Support

***Don’t read below if you are very sensitive to tragic news.

A fellow blogger lost her 7 week old son recently.

Her little boy was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome he lost his battle with his disease at 7 weeks old and his family is currently making funeral arrangements. There are some ugly ugly people out there who, rather than being supportive are attacking her and her family for the decision to circumcise her son (a procedure which had nothing to do with his death). 

Regardless of how you feel about circumcision, this mama needs our prayers and our positive thoughts. 
Stop by her twitter, or her blog and leave a kind comment. Every little bit helps. 

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8 thoughts on “A Heartbreaking Story and a Mama That Needs Support”

  1. I am just so disgusted by all the hateful things I have read regarding Baby Joshua's death. To make it worse, I found a link on Twitter that goes to a blog that has a post that is NOTHING BUT HATE and blame. My head wants to explode because I am so angry right now. Thank you for reminding me that there are good people in this blogging world. And thank you for being one of those good people.

  2. I think I might have seen that same exact post 🙁

    Sickening really. I'm all for having a cause and a passion, but the hatefulness this mama is having to deal with at the lowest time in her life makes me sick. I actually cried just thinking about it.

    I believe in the power of prayer though, and although prayers won't bring that baby back…I hope they can bring comfort to the family.

  3. I disagree. The fact that she is grieving her son's death does NOT exempt her from opprobrium for mutilating him. The proposition that she should get a break from criticism because of his death is backwards — I think that makes her even more worthy of blame and condemnation.

  4. While she is grieving? I disagree. I could see that argument having somewhat a leg to stand on if her son passed as a result of his circumcision, but that is not the case.

  5. I don't understand it at all. HLHS is an awful diagnosis- one that is still standard practice to offer parents medical termination when it is diagnosed. Medical advancements are nothing short of miraculous, however, in the best possible case HLHS requires a minimum of 3 open heart surgeries before the child is 4 years old (immediately after birth, at 3 months, and at 3-4 years). There are huge risks and complications that can happen at any time and even after the surgeries, many HLHS kiddos will still require a heart transplant. I worked on a CVICU and worked with these parents. I cannot comprehend discussing a circumscision while they are watching their child fight to live, and in this case, lose that battle. At no time would a medical professional do ANY additional procedure that would cause any risk to the baby.

    Although, I suppose it must be a nice place to be if your greatest worry in the world is if a child is circimcised. I'm sure this mother would give anything to have that be her biggest worry and engage in that debate.

  6. You know, I also find it strange that with him being as sick as he was that the procedure was even performed.
    The post appears to be gone now, so I have no idea how the whole thing went down.
    I do know that they lost a child, and my heart hurts for them.

  7. I agree with you, but just to clarify: I meant that I cannot understand any one else discussing the circumcision after everything else the baby and family went through. If it were deemed unsafe for any reason the medical team would have not allowed it to happen. Beyond that, there is never a reason to kick someone when they are so down.

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