HOT Deal! $135 Worth of “As Seen on TV” Goodies Just $18.99!



I was just recently introduced to the wonder that is (Where high prices come to die is their slogan!). It’s a seriously awesome site, and this might just be the most fun deal I’ve ever seen!

It’s an “As Seen on TV” Mystery Box! You know, filled with all those infomercial goodies that you are mildly curious about, but would never pay full price for?

Well if you grab this deal, you pay $18.99 and they will send you a box full of goodies (that you can return if you are unsatisfied! Seriously!) that total up to $134.92!

They don’t say WHAT you are getting, but they give some pretty heavy hints:

Item #1 – It’s a pocket sized wallet made of metal.  The kind that they make foil out of

Item #2 – It’s a silicone baking kit designed to make one of 3 delicious deserts

Item #3 – Another silicone baking kit, different than the last, also designed to make one of 3 deserts

Item #4 – A durable metal non-stick coated pan with an 18 section divider, designed to make delicious treats like brownies or other treats that you might cut up the same way. (yes, it’s a different treat than the two above)

Item #5 – Not one, but two pedicure foot files oval shaped.  And not just the regular version, but a special version with extra things

Item #6 – Perfect for the car, this is a Hands free cellphone transmitter turns your radio into a hands free system so you can make calls with ease

Item #7 – This little robot will continuously stir your food.  Perfect for small to medium sauce pans

Item #8 – Six pack of aluminum can toppers that allow you to keep your child to drink outdoors without fear of bees getting in the can

I totally ordered a box! You can order one too if you hurry.

Head on over here to grab your Mystery Box!

Shipping is $6.99.


Thanks Raining Hot Coupons!

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