How About A “Best of 2010” Post?

I wasn’t going to do a best of 2010 post. I have only been blogging on Family Friendly Frugality since August and I wasn’t sure if it would be a bit like Justin Bieber doing a “greatest hits” CD at the age of (how old is he?). You know, kind of cheesy and eye roll inducing.

The truth is, if you know me at all, I am pretty cheesy and eye roll worthy…so I decided what the heck!

Here goes:

5 Ways To Put Some Wiggle Room in Your Budget-This was the very first article I ever wrote for Family Friendly Frugality. I look at it now and cringe a bit. I mean it’s a good article, but I thought it was a great article at the time. It’s proof that the more you write, the better you write!

I Taught Myself To Sew!-It’s coming up on a year since I first taught myself to sew. This article is kind of bittersweet, because I haven’t been sewing near as much lately. I hope to rectify that soon!

It’s All About Teamwork-This article is important to me because it’s a great reminder to keep the conversation about our finances open and flowing between my husband and I. It’s so easy to just ignore it, but things progress so much better when we are both actively involved.

Independent Play: Just Let Them Be-Okay, I’ll be honest, I really just love the picture on this article so much! Seriously though, this article got a lot of really good feedback.

Lower Your Expectations-This article is about being content with what you have. It’s a great reminder when things are tough.


Frugality Series-This series really sums up my whole reasoning behind this blog. It was great to write it and it’s great to read it back.

Monetizing Your Blog-Great series for new bloggers, and I plan to pick up this series again in the new year

2010 was an incredibly bittersweet year for me. I lost a dear niece of mine in a horrific case of domestic violence. I saw a lot of love lost and new love gained all around me. I started one job, ended another. Watched my kids grow like weeds and felt my love grow more and more everyday. Fell even deeper in love with my husband, and learned to work together in ways that we hadn’t in the past.

I look forward to 2011, both personally and for this blog. Look forward to more “bookmarkable” content on this blog in 2011. I’ll still post great deals, but also more recipes, activities and tutorials. I’m signing off for now (we’re on a mini vacation this weekend!), but I’ll see you in 2011!

Happy New Year and God bless!

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