How to Build Up a Pantry for Less (From Scratch) in a New Home or Apartment


Hi Heather,

So i have read your e-book “Save Money in 7 Days“, and it seems simply complicated to start couponing. I am moving into a new apartment and i will be starting fresh with groceries and everything, and i would really love to coupon to save money. But i don’t know where to start. I wasn’t for sure if i could start where you start in this book, or if there is another route i could take since ill be starting out with nothing


At first glance, I was confused by this email! The book is supposed to be a very elementary introduction into couponing, so how could it seem complicated?

Then I realized the key words here were “starting fresh with groceries and everything“.

Gosh, I remember how overwhelming that was!

You definitely can start couponing from day 1 in a new apartment, but you will need to build up your basics first (or simultaneously if you want to leap right into the coupon game!) and you might not have the coupons to make that possible from day 1.

My first suggestion in this case is to meal plan.

Simple meals made with simple ingredients.

Say you have $100 a week to spare on food and household goods. Try to make do with only $75 and use the other $25 to coupon and build up your stockpile. If you can, try to make do with just $50!

NOTE: (this is just a random # I came up with. You might have less to spend…you might have more. Regardless…aim for 25-50% of your budget to be used towards building your stockpile and try to live off the remainder with basic meals and shopping at the dollar store for other necessities).

Over time, you’ll find you will have built up the basics in your pantry, fridge and freezer and you can devote more of your food/household budget towards couponing to build up your stockpile.

If you stay very disciplined these first few months, you’ll be able to cut down your grocery and household budget to just what it necessary to keep yourself stocked with fresh produce and for what it costs to replenish your stockpile via couponing!

My ebook (free with email subscription) will teach you how to coupon like a pro.

Here are some simple and easy meals to get you started (add fresh produce where your budget allows!):

The majority of these meals are family sized. Either cut them down to serve you and your roommate(s) or store the leftovers for lunches/later.

My next suggestion, as far as paper goods,  beauty products, etc…is that you’ll want to start playing the drugstore game. (the drugstore game is also detailed in my book, which you can sign up for here)

Hopefully you have a Walgreens or CVS by you? For your initial stock up though, head to the nearest dollar store!

Stock up on your initial necessities as cheaply as possible and then coupon to fill in the gaps/build up your stockpile. In time, you’ll get to the point where you’ll have more wiggle room to build your stockpile via couponing. To start though, you are going to need to be very strict with your budget!

It will be well worth it in the end!

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  1. Also, don’t forget to check places such as Ollie’s, The Dollar Tree, and Big Lots. Your dollar will go much further at these locations, and you can find high quality products as well.

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