How to Display Artwork Made Lovingly By Your Kids On the Wall

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One day recently my son came home with a colorful picture he had worked on at school.

Mommy, I want to hang this on the wall.he said proudly.

Well, I can hang it on the refrigerator!I told him. 

He hung his head and muttered something that sounded agreeable. We always put their best artwork on the refrigerator and it’s always been a spot of honor.

With a bit more prodding, I realized that he was upset because ever since I’d put our magnetic calendar on the fridge:

There was less space for artwork.

He also expressed that he really wanted to hang some things on the wall. He knew that the best pictures in the house don’t go on the fridge, they go on the wall (smart kid).

Now, if you have young children, you know they come home with BUCKETS of artwork everyday they go to school. 

I can’t possibly display every little piece, and our kids definitely know that.

However, I knew there must be some way for me to display the kid’s artwork a bit more prominently and tastefully without putting a new nail into the wall every time they came home with something they were proud of.

Totally by accident one day, I came across a blogger that had displayed her children’s artwork in such a simple and effortless way that I knew I had to do it too!

The concept is simple:

1.  Screw 2 eye hooks into the wall. One on either side of where you intend to string your picture wire.

2. Thread the picture wire through the hoops, looping it back through and twisting it around itself to secure.

You want the wire to droop down just a bit. So make sure there is a bit of slack. My wire was kinky looking and making funky spirals, so I let the hammer hang from it overnight (hanging from the nail remover part) and it smoothed itself out.

Right now, my clothespins are just normal ordinary wood colored. I think I’m going to try to paint them though to brighten it up!

I also might try to put a fun quote on the wall with vinyl lettering, but that requires me mastering the Cricut that I’m currently borrowing from 20 Something Saver, and I’m not quite there yet! ;)

Oh and the picture up top is kind of oddly lit because there’s no natural light in this room. Just light from a chandelier with lots of individual crystals ;) 

The kids woke up this  morning and were SO excited! They enjoyed seeing their artwork displayed on the wall, where the BEST pictures in the house go ;)

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  1. I love this!! Perfect ‘weekend snowed in’ project for us here in NJ. I know my little artists will love this! Thank you!

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