How To Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day

Planning to shop Amazon Prime Day 2019? Here are the tips you need to know to make the most out of Amazon Prime Day 2019. (Psst, one tip has nothing to do with Shopping on Amazon!)!

Amazon Prime Day is coming up on July 15th & 16th.

Here’s what you need to do to get prepared for Amazon Prime Day: 

#1 Sign up for Amazon Prime!

You can ONLY get Amazon Prime Deals if you are an Amazon Prime member! If you have never been a member, go ahead and sign up for a free trial. The free trial gets you full access and you can cancel at any time. We LOVE Amazon Prime and have been members for well over 10 years.

To learn more about all the perks you get from Amazon Prime, click here. 

#2 Set Your Budget

Amazon likes to compare their Amazon Prime Day to the summertime version of Black Friday.

The big difference?

We all expect to spend a ton of money in November. We know the holidays are coming up and we have gifts to buy so likely (hopefully), we have budgeted for these expenses!

The middle of the summer though?

You might not have extra funds floating around for unexpected purchases! Maybe you are going on vacation soon (or just came back) and money is tight.

That’s okay! Just figure out how much you CAN spend and that right there sets your cap. I recommend doing a quick budget meeting with your spouse/whoever else has a vested interest in your finances and come up with a plan.

#3 Write a List!

We don’t know everything that will be included in the Prime Day sales, but we know most Amazon devices will be on sale (we love our Echos! and our Kindle Fires!), and I suspect there will be deals in every category across the board. Write a list of what you NEED and then follow it up with what you want.

Is there something in particular you are looking for? Drop a comment below this post and I’ll try to keep my eye out for you! 

#4 Follow me on Facebook or Twitter! 

When I post a deal on my blog, it gets posted pretty quickly to my Facebook group (not my Facebook page) and my Twitter feed. Follow me where it makes the most sense for you!

#5 Psst!!! It’s Not Just Amazon! 

Guess what, other retailers are totally hopping on board Amazon Prime Day!

How? By holding their own competitive sales.

Look for many retailers to have huge sales, end of season clearance sales and I guarantee most will offer free shipping with no minimum purchase!

I will post those deals here on Family Friendly Frugality as well!

Amazon will NOT be the only place to get great deals over the next week! It should be an exciting week of competitive pricing all over the internet! Refer back to Tip #4 to keep up!

Well, I know I am excited, are you excited? Comment below to let me know your plan or what you want me to look out for!

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