How to Link to a Specific Status Update URL from Twitter or Facebook

Have you ever had a need to link to one specific Facebook or Twitter status, but you weren’t sure how? Sometimes for giveaway entries, bloggers will specify that you need to share a giveaway post on your wall or on Twitter and they expect you to leave the link to that update in your entry.

Or maybe you want to share a funny/clever/dumb status update with a friend, but you know that there’s a possibility that it won’t be easily found on your wall or Twitter feed when they get to it later.

Well, I’ve whipped up a quick and easy tutorial for you!

It’s actually really really easy, and once you see what you need to do…you’ll probably groan and roll your eyes.

I know I did!

How to Link to a Specific Status Update URL from Twitter or Facebook

*The rules are the same for BOTH Facebook and Twitter, so I’ll be using the names interchangeably

1. First you’ll need to click on the date stamp of the specific status update you are trying to grab the url for. Here’s a pic of the date stamp on both Facebook and Twitter:

Facebook Date Stamp
Twitter Date Stamp

2. Clicking the date stamp will bring you to a page where ONLY that specific status update will show. Grab that URL and that’s your sharing link!

Facebook URL
Twitter URL

See! Easy peasy.

Note: You wouldn’t really want to do this with friend’s status updates because depending on privacy settings, even with the specific url they might not be able to see the status update if they aren’t friends with your friend too (that was a mouthful).

I hope this helps!

Bloggers, feel free to link to this quick and easy how to if you want your readers to link their status updates for giveaway entries!

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8 thoughts on “How to Link to a Specific Status Update URL from Twitter or Facebook”

  1. Thank you! I never enter the Twitter options because I didn’t know how to do that.. I am new to Twitter! 🙂

    1. No problem Sharon! I’m so glad I could help! I didn’t know how to do this for a long time, and when I learned how it was a total face slap moment, LOL

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