How To Make Homemade Mayo…for Mayo Lovers ONLY

How To Make Homemade Mayo

How To Make Homemade Mayo…for Mayo Lovers ONLY (Mayo Haters Might Want To Steer Clear)

I am not ashamed to admit that I love mayo. 

I know not everyone does, and if you don’t love mayo (and aren’t willing to try to learn how to make homemade mayo to see if you MIGHT just like that better)…you should probably go back to the home page and find something that doesn’t involve this particular condiment.


Okay, so now I’m going to presume that EVERYONE left likes mayo. Right?

Let’s proceed!

Look at this:

It’s homemade mayo. I found the recipe for how to make homemade mayo here.

Basically it involves:

♦ An Egg Yolk

♦ Vinegar

♦ Lemon Juice

♦ Salt

♦ Dijon Mustard

♦ Patience

Yep, want to learn how to make homemade mayo? Better have patience. 

OR alternatively, you could just use the whisk attachment on your Kitchen Aid:

You’ll still have to “whisk” just as long, but the machine does the heavy lifting!

If you happen to own a whisk though (I honestly don’t. Isn’t that absolutely ridiculous? Anyone want to buy me a whisk?), and need a good arm workout, make this mayo and consider yourself gold for the day.

Here's your gold (er...yellow) star!

To learn how to make homemade mayo: click here



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  1. this sounds great and I will try and compare it to my preferred brand. my question is how long will this last in the fridge? i will add this to the other homemade products my family will start to use. thanks =0)

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