How To Get Rid Of Lice (And How To Prevent Lice)

How to get rid of lice! 

Learn how to get rid of lice with this super easy at home diy treatment! This easy removal remedy for lice (doesn’t your head itch just reading that word?!) primarily includes products that you already have in your house! Plus, tips for lice prevention. 

I have never had lice in my whole life and assumed it was not something I would ever have to worry about with my own children.

I was wrong!

One summer, we had a brief encounter with some head lice. Ugh, it was not fun, but thankfully, we were able to get rid of it fairly quickly.

You might be worried this is going to be super expensive and if you are already on a budget, this might be adding to your stress. Don’t worry! This is a super low cost and EFFECTIVE way for treating and preventing lice. 

Here’s what we did: 

How to get rid of lice! 

  1. Coated hair with mayo (full fat!) and piled it all on her head. Covered with a shower cap for 8+ hours. (yes…gross, but I think this step was KEY!)
  2. Washed out mayo with blue dawn
  3. Followed up immediately with Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye Survival Kit treatment. Nit combed (using the AWESOME comb in the kit) until I couldn’t get anything else out anymore (she has long/thick hair…it easily took over an hour!)
  4. Nit combed DAILY for the first week. I used this super cheap Suave conditioner to make it easier. I used gobs of it! It wasn’t really seeing anything, but I wanted to be safe!
  5. Repeated the Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye Survival Kit treatment a week later (even though there were no lice left after the first treatment…I wanted to be sure we didn’t miss any eggs!).

In addition, we washed ALL beddings and linens on high heat and put all stuffed animals in garage jail for 2 weeks.

(Edited to add: We also blow dried her hair and straightened it with a flat iron every day for a week! They don’t like heat!)

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How To Prevent Lice

Recently, we received word that there is a lice breakout at the kids school. To make sure we don’t have to deal with this again, I’ve been using the Fairy Tales Repel Conditioning Spray that comes in this kit (plus pulling my daughter’s hair back and spraying copious amounts of hairspray in her hair) on both of my kids each morning.

I have heard that you can also add a few drops of tea tree oil to your child’s regular shampoo. This tea tree oil is perfect for this purpose. 

Remember, the myth that lice like dirty hair is SO completely wrong! They LOVE squeaky clean hair! So if there is a lice outbreak at your child’s school, make sure you pull their hair back and then at the VERY least, coat their hair with hair spray!

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Sharing is Caring…But Don’t Share Lice! 

Finally, be HONEST about it. There is such a stigma attached to head lice, but that’s actually probably why it spreads so easily.

Nobody wants to talk about it!

We were lucky that our incident occurred over the summer, so we were able to just stay home and away from others while we treated.

However, if your child needs to go to school, be sure to let the school nurse know so he/she can be vigilant and stop the outbreak from rounding back again at some point! (and follow your school/district’s policy regarding returning to school after lice treatment)


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