Is it Possible to Frugally Furnish a Home?

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It can be difficult finding furniture that fits into a frugal budget. Specifically those essential pieces like a tv stand (also known as tv units) or a dining room table. So what do you do? Do you rack up a room full of credit? Or is there a frugal way to furnish your home in the style you enjoy?

Here are 5 suggestions for finding those essential (and even those non essential!) pieces of furniture we all need for our households:

  1. Hand me downs: I can’t think of a year that has passed that someone somewhere hasn’t sent out an email that they were getting rid of a couch, or a table or a bed. Take them up on their offer! With a bit of paint, sanding and just a bit of TLC you can turn their trash into your treasure!
  2. Thrift stores: Once again, give a thrift store find a bit of love and you could end up with a total knockout!
  3. Garage sales: Haggle your way through the garage sales in your town over a weekend and you could most likely fully furnish a 3 bedroom home for less then it would cost to purchase one room at a traditional furniture store.
  4. Discount furniture stores: You might not end up with a high quality piece of furniture, but sometimes it’s okay to buy a temporary piece to fill in the blanks. We  have a lot of furniture from IKEA, because in our current season of life, expensive furniture simply doesn’t make sense!
  5. DIY: Okay this requires a bit of expertise. However, if you google how to make just about anything online…I guarantee you’ll find a tutorial!

What have you done to frugally furnish your house? I’d love to hear more about what my readers have done to make their homes reflect their style and personality without breaking their budgets!

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4 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Frugally Furnish a Home?”

  1. Believe it or not, I scored the most amazing (and nicely-built) armoire from a Black Friday sale! It was a regional furniture store and I stood outside before the doors opened. I was the first of 5 people who stood outside the store. Only a handful of the armoires were being sold at the super discount price across ALL the stores in the state, and I was the only one at that location to get it! Woo hoo! Best Black Friday deal ever.

    We’ve also been very fortunate with hand-me-downs.

  2. I would definitely say you can furnish your house with thrift stores and hand me downs. The only furniture I have bought new in our entire house would be the chairs that are currently being used in our kitchen and and dinning room, but we did pay cash for those. It does take time to furnish a house this way to find exactly what you want, but the satisfaction of knowing that I don’t have to pay a bill each month for my furniture. I also believe that the quality of older furniture is better than most of what you can find in discount stores.

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