Local Houstonians: Froberg Farm Annual Strawberry Picking Starts 3/11!!

Strawberry Picking
Make no mistake, that is a VERY heavy bucket!

I’m not sure that this post can fully convey my excitement over strawberry picking season at Froberg’s Farm in Alvin, Texas (not local? Check out PickYourOwn.org for a pick your own farm near you!).

Last year was the very first year we partook in this now yearly tradition. It was also the first year I personally ever tasted a fresh picked, straight from the vine, honest to goodness ripe strawberry.

I have been ruined off of store bought strawberries forever.

Like all loyal customers, I follow Froberg’s Farm on Facebook, so I practically jumped up and shouted when I recently saw this status update:

Strawberry Picking starts March 11th 🙂 $2.00 a pound. Open 9-6 Everyday (281)585-3531. Greak’s Smokehouse (281)388-0368. Have a great weekend!!

Strawberry picking starts tomorrow (March 11, 2011) and I’m thinking that our weekend trips to the Froberg market are going to be gearing back up again this Saturday! I know $2 a lb is a bit more than you would pay at the grocery store, but for the experience and the taste it is a bargain price!

Here are some pics from last years adventure:

2 Huge Buckets! The entire farmstand used to be underneath that gorgeous tree there in the background from what I understand.
They have a small little swing set where sweet big brothers can push their strawberry stained little sisters!
Where do I start mom?



I am not being paid to gush over Froberg’s Farm. I wouldn’t accept payment even if they tried (well maybe payment in strawberries. I’m sure we could work something out there!), I just really really like it there. I also want to encourage you to find your local Pick Your Own farm! In this economy, these local farmers need our support!

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