Finding Low Carb Breads and Bread Alternatives

low carb bread

Ah, bread.

Admittedly, bread may be the toughest obstacle to leading the low carb lifestyle. And while you’ll definitely have to reduce your bread intake, there are some low carb breads out there that you can include as an occasional treat.

Find Smaller Brands at Natural Food Stores

You may have to search a little harder for a reliable brand for low carb breads. If you have a local, specialty natural food store in your area, you may want to stop in and check their selection.

Julian Bakery is a brand that specializes in low carb breads, but they’re not likely to be found in your bigger box stores. Also, Joseph’s Bread which you can find on Amazon AND I’ve found it in Walmart near the bakery as well.

Make Your Own Low Carb Bread

This may be one of your best options for keeping bread low in carbs. Buy a specialty low carb flour, like Bob’s Red Mill Low Carb Baking Mix, and start to kneading a loaf of your own. Bob’s Red Mill Low Carb Baking Mix is a whole-grain, low-carb, all natural alternative to regular flours and allows you to enjoy the occasional loaf of bread without complete carb loading.

I also have a Low Carb pizza crust here that my family RAVES about! No flour at all!

That’s a Wrap

You can also easily substitute that hearty sandwich bread you’re used to with tortilla wraps. It’s not a perfect substitution, by far, since tortillas still contain their share of carbs, but it’s a start. And look for low carb variety tortillas for an extra boost.

Speak Up for Low Carb Alternatives

Having trouble finding your favorite (or any) low carb breads or baking mixes in your local grocery store?

Did you know most grocery stores will listen when you request?

They can’t read every customer’s mind (or grocery list), so if you don’t see any low carb breads in your store, be sure to let the customer service desk know it’s something you’d regularly buy if it were on the shelves!

It can’t hurt to let them know… and maybe it’ll be there on your next visit to the store!

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