Make A Change Monday: Earn $25 This Week

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Earn $25 This Week

When you decide to start living a frugal lifestyle, whether out of necessity or just a desire to gain control of your spending/saving, you start “finding” money all over the place. You truly understand the power of a coupon. You stock up on freebies and you scour clearance racks. You realize that paying full price is a luxury that you can’t afford, no matter what your income is.

So we’ve established here that you know how to SAVE money, but do you know how to make money?

Obviously you have to have an income coming in from somewhere. Maybe you work, maybe your spouse works, maybe you are both employed, maybe you are collecting from your retirement or social security. You have that income that you can count on from week to week, but what would you do if you needed more?

I think knowing how to EARN is just as important as knowing how to SAVE. 

Now, if you are truly SAVING money…and not just spending less, then you already are creating another stream of income for yourself by sticking those savings into your savings account.

What if you needed more though? What could you do if you needed $25 within a week?

This week your task is to brainstorm at least 5, but preferably 10 ways that you can earn an extra $25 this week. Extra brownie points if you leave a comment below this post with your conclusions! 

Here are some ideas:

  1. Sell something you already own (try Craigslist, your local Facebook garage sale, ebay, etc)
  2. Make something and sell it
  3. Offer your services to someone (mow a lawn, paint a fence, babysit a child, etc)
  4. Aggressively take advantage of your make money online accounts (this might not be an instant $25 depending on thresholds)
  5. Submit for rebates
  6. Your turn!

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8 thoughts on “Make A Change Monday: Earn $25 This Week”

  1. From Husband:
    * Sell a few video games
    * Do transcription for a family member
    * Sell Baked goods
    * Create a crochet pattern and sell online (
    * Garage Sale

    * Do a spaghetti feed $6/plate
    * Offer your services as a cook
    * Do some canning (Jam, veggies, etc) and sell them
    * Sell homemade candy to friends/relatives/co-workers
    * Sell a family recipe on ebay ($1 per copy)

    1. I know this has been said already but I save cans. We drink a lot of Dr. Pepper and Coke even though we shouldn’t but I save the cans and when I get 3 or 4 bags I take them to the local recycling plant. Also any junk I have outside that I am not going to use can be recycled if it’s some kind of metal. It brings more money than cans do

      1. Scrapping is a great idea! Depending on where you live, you can make a decent amount of money. My cousin does this occasionally and can easily make $75 from a small load. Look online for a local scrap yard and then look around your basement, attic, garage for unwanted things made of metal (or copper!). I often find broken bedframes, chairs etc on the side of the road and then its 100% profit (minus my time).

  2. have family and friends come over and help do general home repairs, have a yard sell with really discounted items, do a bake fun raiser, unplug electrical components while not in use, collect cans and bottles

  3. Sell coupons on ebay
    sell anything you know you are done with and wouldn’t miss, if you did 5 items/lot a week (attempting to do $5 per item / lot) you could make the $25. $25 / week = $1300 a year… I really like this concept!

  4. Sell coupons on ebay
    sell anything you know you are done with and wouldn’t miss, if you did 5 items/lot a week (attempting to do $5 per item / lot) you could make the $25. $25 / week = $1300 a year… I really like this concept!

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