Financial Planning Books You Must Read

Do you need financial planning for dummies…I mean beginners? Learn how to create a budget and get out of debt from the experts. These are the financial planning books you must read if you want to really make a difference in your financial health.

I am not a fan of non fiction. To be honest, most non fiction is guaranteed to put me to sleep.

Read something “financial“” – they said. 

Ugh. How can I possibly read a book about money when books about things I actually ENJOY learning about put me to sleep nowadays!? – My Thought Process….

Good Financial Planning Involves Educating Yourself

However, did you know that our education doesn’t end when we throw that cap in the air and walk off that graduation stage? I know, it was shocking to me too. 

Education is ongoing, but once we’re out of school, life just kind of gets in the way. Sure we learn when our jobs make us or when life throws us a curveball and we need to figure stuff out on the fly. Purposeful education in a non school setting is also important though.

Trust me, I’d rather read a nice beachy novel over a financial text ANYDAY. (my guilty pleasure series…)

However, money and the economy are not stagnant, evergreen topics.

Things are always changing and what you learned in school about money management and the economy might not hold true today. In fact, what holds true today, might not hold true tomorrow!

It’s important to keep yourself up to date and educated on what’s going on in today’s economy. Keeping up with financial current events could be as simple as spending 10 minutes every morning perusing your favorite financial website.

You Are What You…Read? So Read Financial Planning Books!

Reading Financial Planning books has the added bonus of keeping the financial health of you and your family at the forefront of your mind. It’s hard to go on a wasteful shopping spree when you just read an article about the 5 biggest budget mistakes and how you can avoid them! 

In addition to keeping up with the news of the financial health of the country and the world around you, it’s also important to read about personal finance. If you are currently struggling with debt and financial matters, I highly recommend the following books:

Or any of the other wonderful books out there by popular personal finance authors. Really, you can browse Amazon here all day and probably find the perfect author that is right for you and your current financial planning situation right now. 

This week, I challenge you to just spend a few minutes reading something financial each day. The daily reminder will help you keep on track with your goals and will help keep you from being careless with your own finances.

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