Momtastic: Why You Should Be Playing the Drugstore Game

Today on Momtastic I discuss playing the drugstore game:

Have you ever walked into Walmart or Target and walked out $200 lighter? I know I certainly have. Which would be okay if I was buying furniture or a complete new wardrobe. The problem is that  all we have to show for the huge debit in our checkbooks are a few bottles of shampoo, some deodorant and some other household goods. Where did all the money go?

How is it possible that basic toiletries, beauty products and household cleaners can take such an insane chunk out of our grocery budget before we’ve even stuck a single banana or gallon of milk in our cart? Have you ever had to buy less healthy food because it was a week you needed glass cleaner and toilet paper? Why should we have to choose between our house and our health?

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