Entertaining on a Budget – How To

With the holidays quickly approaching, you might be entertaining more than usual.

This can put a big strain on a budget without much wiggle room!

So what do you do to save money?

Hole yourself in your house until after Christmas and avoid all of your friends?

Of course not!

Entertaining doesn’t have to be horribly expensive!

Here are the top 5 ways we cut costs when we entertain:

Make it a potluck!

Ask everyone to bring their favorites and enjoy a variety of cuisines and courses. This is actually one of our favorite ways to entertain. It takes pressure off the hosts not just financially, but also labor-wise.

Plus it allows everyone to make those recipes they love, but that need to be consumed by a crowd. (um…like this one and this one!)

Don’t schedule around a meal time.

Have an appetizer or a dessert party. Schedule your party just after meal times and make it clear you won’t be serving a full meal (come to our dessert party!).

My favorite get together is sweat pants and wine night at a friend’s house. Everybody typically raids their pantry for something snack-y or dessert-y and brings a bottle of wine. Good conversation and some cheap wine makes for the BEST memories!

Don’t worry about decorations.

Most of the time they just end up in the trash anyway. If you love to decorate, buy useful high quality pieces that you can pull out often.

Think quality, not quantity.

You don’t need to invite all 30 of your closest friends every time you have a get together. Just invite a few at a time and really focus on having fun together. Some people think every party has to have your house busting at the seams. Not so! We enjoy ourselves much more when the gathering is more intimate.

Don’t worry about pricey entertainment.

Board games or movies are incredibly entertaining and don’t cost much at all. You don’t need a moonwalk and magician for every party!

Focus on the people, not the party and you are sure to hit a home run.

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  1. Thanks for the link up Heather!!! I almost missed it!

    Thank you for joining us for the Holiday Open House! Great tips, as always… you are awesome!!! =)


  2. This post is extremely helpful. In a time where grocery prices are rising at rapid rates, your tips will help me get through.

  3. I am bad about worrying about Entertainment. People love just to chat too!

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