Money Saving Monday: Just Say No


Money Saving Monday: Just Say No!

Just say no, to expensive social obligations. To friends that beg you to go shopping when you know your bank account is in no shape to do so. To family asking you for money, when you really know that you don’t have it to spare. Just say no.

It sounds simple, but sometimes it can be very difficult emotionally. We are people pleasers by nature. In addition, money (specifically lack of money) is a very taboo subject. Easier to say yes than to have to explain how you really shouldn’t because the dryer just broke, the baby needs diapers and the electric bill was $50 higher than expected.

What if you have the money to spare…but just don’t want to? Just say no. Take control of your bank account. You do not need to attend 5 birthday parties a weekend. You do not need to always be the one shelling out the difference when you go pick up lunch for coworkers.

This doesn’t mean don’t be generous. It doesn’t mean be a hermit and never go out with friends and spend money. It simply means if you want to say no…or you NEED to say no. Just say no. I’m giving you permission. What if someone asks why? First off, they are most likely too nosy for their own good.

I find honesty works though. Why? The kids need clothes more than I need to buy $30 worth of cookie dough from a fundraiser. Why? That money is earmarked for a day of fun with my family and honestly that’s what I WANT to spend it on. Not on baking 20 pies for the PTA bake sale.

You might be called a cheapskate. You might be called stingy. You might even be called poor (some of the richest people in America are also the biggest tight wads…so you are in good company!). It’s worth it to avoid the stress of spending money we don’t have/didn’t want to spend.

When you say no to the things you DON’T want to do. You can say yes more often to the things you do want to do. Add a little extra to the offering plate. Buy something fun and frivolous for yourself or your spouse.  Help out a friend or a family member or a stranger in need.

Just learn to say no. I promise, it’s incredibly empowering!




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  1. I’m so guilty about this. I always say yes to please family and friends. I’ll have to say NO more often! Thanks Heather! 🙂

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