My CVS Goodie Basket – Check This Out!

My husband came home the other day and walked in with a huge box. We order a lot online, but I honestly couldn’t recall what we might have ordered that would have come in that large of a package!

I started to open the box and I saw the unmistakable fur of a Pillow Pet! Immediately I got nervous. Now, as a blogger, I do randomly receive items to review from PR people and more often than not there’s only one toy/stuffed animal/candy bar, etc.

Which is fine, and I certainly don’t expect anyone to cater to my 2 kid family. But this was a PILLOW PET. My kids are obsessed with these things.

So I was concerned, until I finally got the box open and lifted out the coolest PR gift I’ve ever received!

A CVS (LOVE CVS! It’s my go-to Drugstore Shopping spot!) shopping basket filled to the brim with goodies. Most importantly, with TWO Pillow Pets!

Here are the goodies that were included in my basket:

2 Pillow Pets (the smaller sized ones, which are perfect since my kiddos already have the large sized ones!)

A CVS Green Bag Tag (you attach this to your re-usable shopping bag and have the cashier scan it every time you shop. Four scans gets you a $1 ExtraBuck® Reward!)

Essence of Beauty Sponge

Trio Nut Blend (my daughter has confiscated these as her own!)

CVS/Phamacy peas Cold Therapy. No more frozen peas, this stays colder longer and conforms to the shape you need it to when cold!

CVS Earth Essentials Biodegradable Trash Bags

Divine Belgian Milk Chocolate (YUM!)

Nuance Shampoo & Conditioner and Beautiful Blends Eye Quad (the eye quad is so neat! I always end up breaking the tops of eyeshadow containers, this is much sturdier!

A brochure all about the ExtraCare® program at CVS!

Why did I receive this awesome package from CVS? CVS recently contacted me about working more closely with them. They know Family Friendly Frugality readers are savvy consumers and they know that you all love shopping at CVS!

Since it was a partnership that made sense, I agreed!

The great part of this partnership for all of you is that I’ll be given sneak peeks of upcoming sales and product specials to share with you. Which means as a Family Friendly Frugality reader, you’ll have insider knowledge of what’s coming up next at CVS!

How cool is that? I’m also hopeful that in the future we can work to provide CVS with feedback on what we love and what might need improvement. They’ve already proven that they listen (they knew I had TWO kids! Score for CVS PR!), so let’s let them know what we think!

What do you think about CVS? Do you enjoy shopping there? Why or why not? This is  your chance to be heard. CVS wants to know what you have to say!

Disclaimer: I received this basket of goodies from CVS, but am under no obligation to tell you about it or to support CVS at all. I think the company is awesome though and I know many of you think so too, so that’s why I’m sharing! I have received no compensation from CVS and all opinions are my own.

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20 thoughts on “My CVS Goodie Basket – Check This Out!”

  1. I am not impressed with how my particular CVS runs the pharmacy department and will NEVER use then again. I love the store, they always have things I need to buy but the pharmacy stinks. They cheated me out of 10 pills, they lied to me about my insurance not covering my meds and they also filled the order with a generic and with my insurance company the copay is the same no matter so my preference is real deal, generic does not always work the best for people. In my case they banked my medication…the script was written for 90 and my insurance covers to 100 and they gave me 30 with 1 refill…when I questioned it I was told nope it was 30 well I have a copy of it and it was 90 just like the last time. Sorry but I am done with CVS.

    Linda Foy

    1. Linda- I don’t work for CVS but I had a friend who had some trouble at her store and we called a corporate number and got some action. If they made a mistake then they need to fix it–and it is VERY important to log that complaint. If the manager of the store was not cooperative–I know from experience that the corporate level WANTS to know and to correct any errors.

      1. I agree with Nancy. Definitely contact the corporate office. I’ll be sure to point out your comment to my contact. Thank you for the feedback!

  2. That is an awesome goody basket! CVS–Yes, I LOVE shopping there! I love it because you can combine coupons and ECBs to save BIG, plus they have a large selection of items to choose from.

    I just may have to get a bar of that chocolate next time I’m there. 😉

  3. I love CVS! They always have what I am looking for and your posts always help stretch my dollar. Awesome basket! Completely understand about the 2 pillow pets, I have two little ones and they are still little so sharing can be hard.

    1. Exactly! We’re working on it here though. They have their days where they blow me away with how well they share but other days? They’d fight over the hairs on their heads! LOL

  4. I love my CVS. The pharmacy staff have helped me choose the best OTC items and the staff all around is just wonderful! Because they are the closest store to my home I drop in several times a week. I REALLY LOVE getting milk there!!

  5. I’ve only been in CVS twice, but was really impressed with how nice the staff was, and how clean and organized the store was. And my kids like that they have car carts. 🙂

  6. I used to love going to CVS but the pharmacists & cashiers at my local CVS are nasty & not friendly at all, one girl was rolling her eyes and huffing & puffing because I had a few coupons, they place sale signs under the wrong items then they refuse to honor it (it has happened to me & I’ve seen it happen to other customers as well), etc….I can go on & on. I have switched to Walgreens where the manager & staff are amazing & the lady at the cosmetic counter rings me up when I have a lot of coupons & they are happy to help me.

  7. I recently switched to CVS for my prescriptions and the staff at my store are very friendly and helpful. The store is right around the corner from my house but I don’t do a whole lot of shopping there becuase I think they are a little pricey. When I hear about a good deal at CVS I will go in to get those items though. The store is always clean and staff is friendly.
    Great basket of goodies they sent you!

  8. I have shopped at CVS faithfully since I had my first baby 12 yrs ago. I Give gift cards to all new mommys now. I love it when the “ladie items” are on sale and it is a 2 for 1 deal

  9. I did not know about the green tag thanks for the info.
    shop cvs off and on.
    great place to shop when i am by one.

  10. I am a huge fan of CVS – no one beats their sales, service and convenience. I’ve tried couponing at other stores, but CVS is my absolute favorite!

  11. Glad you got a nice basket from them and drooled over it in your letter since you didn’t receive compensation, really? I didn’t hear you drooling over them in your last letter. I think CVS is over priced, at best. I went in for one of the ‘sales’, picked up two probiotics, both were 1+ month expired as was the third and last bottle on the shelf. Some sale. If it were a one time offense, I’d probably ignore it but have wasted my time on other CVS ‘sales’ with similar results. Glad to hear you have CVS ear.

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