My Wedding Anniversary: Family Painting and Cookies Cookies Cookies!


Today, my husband and I have been married for 7 years! I’m so blessed to be his wife and I wanted to do some really gushy romantic gift giving this year!

We were married in Jamaica in a gazebo on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean. God really blessed us by bringing us together. I had so much hurt in my life before him and he just turned my life around. My children could not have a more devoted father and their love for him makes me love him even more! He’s the smartest man I know, he’s the funniest man I know and he’s the kindest man I know. I am blessed to call my husband my best friend.

I love you honey!

I am so pleased that both gifts I gave him were created by moms who own their own businesses!

Check out these talented ladies:

My husband is a great artist. He doesn’t actually create anymore, but I sure wish he would. I knew he would appreciate this beautiful watercolor painting of our family done by the lovely Bridget Beth! I can’t say enough great things about this gorgeous painting! It makes my heart happy. My husband LOVED it! Follow Bridget Beth on Facebook too!

If you haven’t checked out my friend Amanda (of Custom Confections by Amanda) yet AND you are local (Houston area)…do it now! She is a baking genius! She is also one of my nearest and dearest friends. I’m not sure what I would do without her!

Her cakes and cookies are amazing and I bow down to her decorating greatness! I came to her with the idea for doing “I love you more than…” cookies and she did a great job.

The cookie sayings are kind of silly. Mainly inside jokes between my husband and myself. You’ll see a Downton reference, a Knocked Up reference and a few other silly things. Oh and they taste AWESOME!

Go check out Amanda’s blog. Follow her on Facebook too so you can see the next awesome thing she creates!

Disclaimer: I didn’t get any of this for free! It’s all my opinion. These ladies are AWESOME!

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