Nutrisystem Week 6 in Review: I’m Stressed, Overextended and Emotionally Eating…Help!

It’s been six weeks since I started Nutrisystem, so here is my week 6 in review!


This week was tough and I slipped up a lot. The kids aren’t going to Mother’s Day Out anymore and my husband has been really busy with work. Yesterday he had to do some side work to help a family member, and I’ll admit it, after a week of NO breaks…the pressure of having to do it all got to me. I way overate and unfortunately went to the grocery store while I was already feeling stressed and overextended. I need to have more breaks. That’s all there is to it. When I don’t, I go to food to help me cope. That’s not a good thing.

Sadly, I don’t see many breaks in my near future. I need to figure out some sort of compromise though, because emotional eating isn’t going to help me lose weight. I didn’t realize how much I relied on those 2 little breaks in my week for a sanity check!


As a result of above, I’ve felt very tired and sluggish this week.

My Thoughts:

I am going to get back into gear this week and be a bit more selfish. I know that sounds bad! I need to be though. I need to take time for myself and not try to be the best at everything. I also need to start saying NO more often. I’ve been spreading myself too thin. It’s very interesting to watch how my emotions (specifically stress) play into my weight loss.

The food is still tasting good and I’m still LOVING the convenience of Nutrisystem.

In healthier news:

I wanted to take this opportunity to share something my buddy Meredith from Nutrisystem sent out to me. It’s about staying on track with Nutrisystem (or really any healthy eating plan!) during summer BBQ’s!

  1. Bring your “BBQ-esque” Nutrisystem meal of choice: Nutrisystem’s Hamburgers, Chicken and Hot Dogs are great on the grill! That way you still feel part of the BBQ eating festivities while staying on program
  2. Wheat rolls and buns –> this way you give everyone a healthier option
  3. Following the guidelines of your grocery guide – create a garden salad with all your favorite vegetables with various dressings on the side. That way everyone can choose what dressing is best for them, but the salad also allows you to get in your add-in additions while on program.  To make a complete meal, top with some grilled chicken.
  4. Grill some vegetables on the BBQ! A fun way to do this and to have the kids get involved, make vegetable shish kabobs! Then all that is left to do is toss them on to the BBQ and makes a great side dish (or condiment too!).
  5. Try to steer away from items drenched with BBQ sauce as this will only add in extra calories and typically is high in sugar and sodium.
  6. Make sure to have iced water on hand & toss in some slices of citrus fruits (i.e. oranges, lime and lemons) or even cucumbers too. This makes it different and is quite refreshing!
  7. For dessert you can have your Nutrisystem Dessert with the group, but also have a healthy option such as fruit salad or fruit kabobs for you and your guests. The kids can even help out with making them

Great tips! I definitely think those are all things I can keep in mind this summer as I continue my weight loss journey!

Results of Week 6:

Heather -0 lbs

Colin -0 lbs


Heather – 14.4 lbs

Colin – 11 lbs

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the program. Right now they are having a great 50% off your first order sale!


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Disclaimer: Nutrisystem has provided me this program free of charge to participate in Nutrisystem Nation. Opinions are my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. Read my disclosure policy for more details.

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3 thoughts on “Nutrisystem Week 6 in Review: I’m Stressed, Overextended and Emotionally Eating…Help!”

  1. Heather, I think anyone who has ever struggled with weight can feel your pain! The minute I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I reach for food. I’m an emotional eater – big time!! This may not make you feel real encouraged but you didn’t gain…in the big picture, that’s awesome! 🙂 And you’ve learned how sluggish you feel on the off weeks and that you don’t like feeling that way. You’ve also learned you have to be selfish. Which I don’t think is a bad thing (and I don’t like calling it’s taking care of YOU.) You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of everyone else! What is bad about that?! You’re on the right track! 🙂

  2. Sorry for the tough week. You are SO busy with work & home… definitely need and deserve some breaks! Hope you can figure some way to get some Heather time this next week.

  3. Heather, sorry it has been a crazy week 🙁 There is nothing wrong with being selfish, it is just saying no sometimes. And it is ok to do that! You have done so well with this, keep your head up and jump right back in!

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