Organize Your Internet with Clipix!

Have you heard of clipix? If not, be prepared to learn about your newest addiction! Clipix is a your go-to picture bookmarking guide to the web. 

Have you ever closed your browser window only to realize you totally forgot to bookmark that awesome recipe, craft or how to? This will never happen again with Clipix!

Here’s what you do:

1. Sign up for an account with Clipix (Head on over here to sign up)

2. Drag the “Clip” button to your toolbar. 

3. Next time you are surfing the web and you find something awesome you’d like to come back to later…just Clip it!

4. You will place your clip on the board you want and when you need to find it later, you know exactly where to look for it!

It gets better though. You can also create syncboards with your family and friends! These boards are awesome!

Think about if you were planning a baby shower with a few cohosts. You could just create a syncboard that you could all clip ideas to. 

You can organize your boards however you like, have as many boards as you like and clip as much awesome content on your boards as you can fit! 

The best part is that you can actually make your boards PRIVATE! This is a big deal if you are clipping gift ideas or planning that awesome surprise party for a loved one. 

You have to check out Clipix. You won’t be sorry! You’ll find so many uses for it, just like me! 

Remember you can sign up here. And be sure to check out the iphone app as well!

Be sure to check out this video to learn more about Clipix:

What will you clip on Clipix!? Tell me in the comments!


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