Part 1: I Have a Confession….

I’m a slob. There I said it. If you know me though, you probably know this already.

I’m not unsanitary. I am just cluttered and messy and things that bother other people, simply don’t bother me. I wish I could be OCD about something…anything…in regards to organization. Sure I have my quirks (I make the bed RIGHT BEFORE I get into it), but I can easily even let those go in the name of sleep, hunger or …squirrel! (An UP reference…get it? in other words, I am very easily distracted).

Lately though, my cluttered house (and cluttered mind!) have been really making me think I need a change. It’s not very frugal if you keep buying the same thing 10 times because you simply can’t find where the old thing was. Nowadays, I don’t just have my own stuff to keep up with. I have a husband and two kids with stuff…plus my stuff of course and there is just stuff stuff stuff everywhere.

The other day I was scouring Amazon for a book (that’s my answer for everything by the way…I don’t know? I’ll read a book about it!) that wasn’t made for the OCD cleaning types, but instead was made for someone like me. Someone who only cares when things aren’t neat and organized when they can’t find something or when company knocks on the door.

I decided to order this book:

The name seemed right up my alley and the reviews I read seemed pretty good. So I ordered it and now I’m waiting on it (hopefully it will be here Monday! I’m not used to waiting for books anymore since I got my Kindle)

For now though, I’m taking baby steps. I reorganized the kitchen today and threw out a LOT of junk. I cleaned off the bar area and I’m not kidding you…

Yep, that is now taped to our bar area. It is the worst place for build up in our house and I’m hoping the reminder keeps it nice and tidy. So far so good, but it’s only been a few hours.

In preparation for the book that is going to change my life (a girl can hope?) I also purchased these tonight:

An index card box and some multi colored index cards.

The book has you file your daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly duties on index cards in a box. So now when I get my book, I will be fully prepared to jump right in!

I’m hopeful. Although it’s not my first time to try and get organized, I really feel like my lack of organization is starting to hold me back. Holding me back from my full potential in so many areas of my life.

So, anyone ever read this book? Anyone want to read it along with me? I’m going to blog my way through the steps, and would love if any other bloggers/readers joined me!

Begone clutter!

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7 thoughts on “Part 1: I Have a Confession….”

  1. Laurie, I tried flylady!! I got sooo overwhelmed with all the emails though. Does she still send out like 10 emails a day?

  2. I love that book. I had to learn a new thing and write about it in a term paper, so I read about SHE's and FLYing and turn to them and my research whenever I lose track. On an overwhelming day I set the clock and do 15's (homework/cook/clean/break/etc…)

  3. Oh boy, I have to admit I haven't been doing that great with this book! Thanks for reviving this post though. I need to start this again!

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