Part 2: I have a confession & WFMW

I should probably re-name this “I HOPE it works for me Wednesday” because I’m still not 100% sure it will work for me.

If you remember a few weeks ago, I posted about having a confession. I am not an organized or neat person.

I purchased this book in hopes that I can get over my disorganization and side tracked-ness.
The gist of the book is that since I am not a Born Organized person, I need a fail proof system to remind of when tasks need to be done. Rather than being offended by this assumption…I have to admit I agree. Notes and lists are my friends and the only way things tend to get done around here. Except, I lose my notes and I lose my lists. Or a kid scribbles on it, or throws it in the trash along with my best of intentions.

This system has you set up an index card file with jobs listed as daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. Everyday you do your “cards” and nothing else. If it’s not on a card you don’t do it.

This greatly appeals to me. The “don’t do it” part of course.

The first step is to go stand in each room and right out an action list. I stand in the middle of each room and write down EVERYTHING that it would take to clean that room to a spic and span state and keep it that way. I label these jobs as daily jobs (wash dishes), weekly jobs (mop floor) and yearly jobs (clean out drawers).
The next step is to transfer these jobs to color coded index cards. One color is designated for daily jobs, one for weekly, etc etc.

This is as far as I’ve gotten at this point. I will say it was a bit eye opening to notice all the jobs I NEVER do (um dust ceiling fans? I think maybe over a year ago?).
So this is Part 2 of my I Have a Confession series and my I HOPE it works for me Wednesday! Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Part 2: I have a confession & WFMW”

  1. I was just having a conversation with a friend about how when I recently turned on my ceiling fan, it blew dust all over us! So, you are not the only one! lol

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