Please Read: Important Info for Facebook Fans

Update: The facebook profile in this post was re-instated luckily. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still have a back up plan!

Today something really cruddy happened. Some blogging buddies of mine had their Facebook account pretty much taken away from them in an instant.

They had a sponsor (for a giveaway), that did not make good on their prize and they called them out publicly.

Apparently that sponsor complained to Facebook and now both owners of that page AND an owner of another page that was a “just in case” admin have been totally banned from Facebook.

They had 17,000+ Facebook fans and the other page owner had over 32,000 facebook fans. 

This has taught me a valuable lesson. I have been focusing on building up a community on Facebook because it’s fun and because I LOVE my Facebook fans. However, this is also incredibly dangerous! So many of you rely on Facebook to get your daily Family Friendly Frugality fix…and honestly, Facebook could rip that all away tomorrow. I’m already marked as spam over there…who’s to say they won’t take away my posting rights entirely?

Facebook doesn’t care about it’s users. Why should it? It’s the 2nd largest site in the world with virtually zero competition (c’mon Google Plus!). If Facebook demotes you to persona non gratayou have NO recourse. 

And if they did? If Facebook did shut me down?  I would not rebuild. It’s taken me a year to build the amazing community I’ve built over there and I just would not have it in me to do that all over again.

So I am begging you.

PLEASE my wonderful Facebook fans, stick with me over there…but also make sure you have a back up. 

The ideal alternative is to subscribe to my blog by email. One email once every 24 hours with every post made here on the site.

Alternatively you could follow me on Twitter.

Bookmark the site in your browser.

Stay with me! 

Without all of you, this blog is just me chatting to myself, and that’s not really all that fun ;).

I am working on getting a forum built into FFF, but it’s a really expensive undertaking and I have to admit, I’m nervous that I’d build it and no one would come ;) .

For now though, just have a back up plan!

I highly encourage you sign up by email…it’s the easiest way to have a daily reminder of FFF each day and to make sure you grab all the great deals and other goodies I post each day.

I’m a bit sad tonight. Knowing the work that goes into building what those ladies built is just gone…potentially for good…makes me want to cry.


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Heather is the creator and owner of Family Friendly Frugality. She calls Texas home and is married to her best friend. With 2 children 22 months apart, she has her hands full. So full that she decided to start blogging as a hobby. That hobby blew up into a full time job. Now she's got the husband, the kids and the blog. We're not exactly sure what she was thinking, but she's too busy for us to ask. Find Me On Google +

40 thoughts on “Please Read: Important Info for Facebook Fans”

  1. How is building a forum expensive? Most hosts offer them for free and it’s an easy install.
    The problem with these Facebook pages is that they do all of these giveaways just to get fans and it’s dumb because half of the time they unlike your page after the giveaway. If you do what you do well, and I think you do, you don’t need to do these giveaway trains and get marked as spam. Chill out and draw people to your website and stop leaning on Facebook to do it. Be patient with Google + I have a feeling once it hits the ground running it will swallow FB whole.

    1. Actually Tami, it’s not always that simple. Tons of blogs run fantastic sites but would never get noticed if they didn’t get their name out there. If 50 fans unlike a page but 10 become new fans that genuinely love the site then those giveaways are worth it.

    2. Tami, the kind of forum I want on my site is pretty expensive. I’m not sure what free option you are referring to, but I’d love it you linked me!

      As far as giveaways…I do those not just to gain fans but also because a lot of my fans really enjoy them! Plus I like to give back to my fans. I have 20k Facebook fans, so I’m thinking I’m doing something right!

  2. Great post! It’s so easy to start relying on Facebook for your daily deal fix that we forget how easily that “fix” can be taken away.

  3. I’m here with u, and i have my family here with u too all my sisters and my mom and cousins. :-)

  4. I tried to repost and it said it was spam also so i sent FB a message saying this wasnt spam and why can i repost it!

  5. I was a subscriber at first read of your blog over 6 months ago! You were the first blog I followed on google reader!!! I think you do a fabulous job and would hate to think that FB would take that away from you or any other wonderful blogger just for calling out a sponsor that doesn’t fulfill a giveaway prize. I would hope that sponsor is no longer allowed on FB!

  6. What a PaIn!
    I’m sure that there is some memo somewhere floating around in Facebook land that says if there’s ANY indiscretion anywhere just block ’em! Which works in some instances… but not all. I too am sorry that your blogger friend was shut down. Shame for shame on the other for not following through on the prize.

    I’m glad you’ve found a way to work around their bug-a-boo.

    How do you back up all the fans that like you?
    How would you keep track of them all when you’ve reached numbers like your blogger friend (17,000) and the other page (32,000)? WOW!

    And last, but not least… yes please… I’ll take the $55 of the Skittles! :)

    1. I think you are right about that memo!

      I have 20K Facebook followers, but only about 4200 follow me via email. I bet there’s plenty that don’t overlap. I’d be missing out on a TON of readers if my FB account disappeared. I’d hope they would all come looking for me!

  7. As bloggers, companies will seek us out. While yes, giveaways do draw people in It’s kind of like a store having a sale. You get people in to see your great products. Then they shop there even when there’s not a sale. Companies are seeking us out because we’re more affordable and hit their target audiences for their products. When a company doesn’t make good on their end of the bargain something needs to be done. i may have called the company out too. I started a “Dead Beat Sponsor” list on my blog to sort of fight back in my own little way. It’s not caught on yet but it makes me feel good knowing I have some insurance there I can warn the companies with. That totally sucks that their pages are gone because of that.

    1. I feel a bit lucky because I honestly have never had a sponsor not make good on a prize. But I actually think I’d call them out as well. I think I’d want my readers to know not to do business with them.

      I don’t know the entire situation though, for now I’m just appalled that one person was given this much power by FB.

  8. I hear you. I am on Facebook solely at their whim, I get that. I, too, was recently reported for spam (for posting my blog posts on my fan page, apparently) and now I can’t post my own url. I’ve asked twice to have it fixed. I’m not holding my breath. It’s really annoying, to say the least.

    1. I always shrugged off the whole “building your mailing list” thing because it sounded like such a “marketing” thing. I’m not a marketer!

      I see it now though. A mailing list is essential because YOU control it.

      The most annoying part of being labeled spam is being reminded of it (by incredibly well meaning and sweet fans) 10 times a day :(

  9. Yes Facebook more or less has a strong hold on all of us. I fear the same exact things as you are expressing. My blog is less than a year old and I put my heart and soul into building friendships and business partners. Only to hold my breath it is not yanks away. Crazy life I choose to lead.

  10. I would follow you on email but I am in a similar situation with HOTMAIL. Someone hacked my email over there and started using it send spam- Canadian drug store ads for viagra.

    HOTMAIL shut it off along with all my linked accounts including my business email. Trying to get a response from them to unblock my account is like breaking into Fort KNOX. They said they would send an access code and instructions in 24 hrs and I have yet to see it.

    Another lesson learned – Have email addresses on more than one provider and put both on your business cards or you could be in a world of hurt. Als0, never link email accounts on Hotmail as they shut them all down if they are linked.

    The bad news is I just picked up 250 business cards and have as many business card magnets being picked up tomorrow. AAAARGH all with the email address that I cannot access right now.

    1. OH NO Judy! I have a hotmail and have all my other email accounts linked to it.


      My SIL’s email was hacked very recently as well. What is with people? Nothing better to do with themselves then ruin the lives of others. It’s such a shame.

    2. My e-mail in Yahoo went through the same. For months all my friends were receivuing pronographic junk and viagra, etc.. I changed the password, but I doubht that was a all that needed to be done.

      As for Facebook, unfortunately these measures are created for bullies, for ugly people. Unfortunately those stay and the good people, like your friends, get the bad treatment. People think that because they do not have a face on FB or they simply don’t face you they can say mean and nasty things, and they do too much. I have been a victim of cyberbullying from people I don’t even know. The way they have talked to me and about me, simply because of a post, has been incredible. These laws are necessary for people like those. Unfortunately, there is always the all or nothing and the result is always the worse. Good luck. I do like your blog. I know people probably start with it and when they are tired instead of removing themselves, just because they do not know how to do it they mark you as spam. Good luck with everything. FB is losing fans more and more every day, and in a few years something better will come along. As for now, hang in there and hopefully your page will be all right.


    You are trying to post content on Facebook that was marked as abusive. Please fill out this form if you think this content was blocked in error. Note that we don’t provide personalized support for this issue right now, but we’ll use this information to identify any bugs in our system.

    1. “Note that we don’t provide personalized support for this issue right now, but we’ll use this information to identify any bugs in our system.”

      That part is new to me. At least they are admitting they suck?

  12. I was blocked several months back… for what reason I never did find out. No message from FB… nothing, just blocked. I filled out a form, but didn’t get a response. I did some research and found out this happens if you ‘like’ too many pages too quickly. About 3 days later my FB page was unblocked, as mysteriously as it had been blocked. Unfortunately, if you have a business page there it can be difficult to be down for this long, and there’s no way to talk to a real person about it. I know FB is big, and they’re very busy, but it’s frustrating to be left in the dark. I hope your friend can get it worked out.

  13. Facebook’s new rules are REALLY affecting authors, and between the mama bloggers and the authors, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a bit of an uprising – – mama bloggers took on Toyota, for pete’s sake.
    Facebook has become an amazing outlet to build our platforms, and while I can appreciate not spamming anyone, the ownership Facebook has over our content and their ability to shut us down doesn’t seem right….

    Just my $0.02

  14. I wish I knew who the two FB pages were. I forget a lot of times and don’t add a blog to my google. Now I need to go through and add a few of my other bloggers so I don’t lose them also in case something happens.
    Was it posted who they were and I missed it?

  15. Build it and WE will come……..I love all you do…….Thanks. I haven’t checked out the Google + but maybe I need to. I understand a lot of Facebook rules and thing but some times they go above anf beyond. They need to check out the pages better.

  16. I wanna know who these blogs were, too! I follow most blogs on FB, but the select few (like FFF) I follow via email. This is just wrong!!!

    So yeah…who was it…??? :o)

  17. I have been personally having to send out my prizes with confirmation because some have said they didn’t receive it? Then I have to buy another gift card etc & send it all out. Over the past 10 year this has happened at least 10x. My prizes are out of my pocket. And all it takes also is a competitor or someone who doesn’t like you etc to say something & it is all out the window. Most bloggers, websites & social sites bust there butts to keep their followers happy too. Thanks for the update & I shared it!

  18. That is so crappy of them! I think facebook is way too powerful. It’s seems like they are into everything. I just got on to google+ and so far am really liking it! I have some invites if anyone wants one. I think they are going to give fb some real competition for once.

  19. Just so you know, I think they may be playing with you over there. One of your offers has popped up on my screen like 5 or 6 times…. maybe they’re trying to make yo REALLY look like spam. Just wanted you to know.

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