Wireless Charger for Kindle Fire

Wireless Charger for Kindle Fire? The Answer to Charging Your Kindle Fire Wirelessly

Wireless Charger for Kindle Fire

How many devices do you have in your household that need to be charged every day? If you are like us, you have a minimum of 2 cellphones and a Kindle Fire or two in your house!

Recently I have had some readers ask me to find deals on Kindle Fire Wireless Chargers or Powermats. Unfortunately, my research did not end up with good news.

Can a Kindle Fire be Charged Wirelessly?

If you are looking for a wireless kindle fire charger, unfortunately, wirelessly charging Kindle Fires is not actually possible. Kindle Fires are NOT qi compatible which is necessary for wirelessly charging your kindle fire device. However, if your goal is just a neater Kindle Fire charging station, here are some options!

This highly rated 6-Port USB Charger Desktop Charging Station with Smart Identification is a great alternative to wireless kindle fire charging.

You can also grab this charging stand for a great deal that works well (and looks good) with the charging station above!

Or you might be interested in this 4 USB port Fast Charging Dock Multi Charging Station Organizer includes the short charging cables you need to neatly charge all of your devices in one spot. 

No Wireless Charger for Kindle Fire…But…

Even though Kindle Fire Wireless charging pads are NOT currently an option, there are wireless charging pads/docks for almost every single cell phone. Click here to check out several options. 

Will Kindle Fires ever be qi compatible?

I am not sure. The argument I have seen is that Amazon does not want to open the door to off label usage of their product (Quality control I guess?). Knowing Amazon though, I could see them creating their own wireless charging technology for Kindle Fires if the demand proves to be high enough!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the nice and neat charging stations I posted above. Amazon does offer some great and stylish alternatives to wireless chargers for Kindle Fires!

On that note, if you are a Kindle Fire user, be sure to check out my review on the Kindle Unlimited program. I LOVE Kindle Unlimited!

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10 thoughts on “Wireless Charger for Kindle Fire? The Answer to Charging Your Kindle Fire Wirelessly”

  1. I thought the point of paying people to write these blog posts was so they would look genuine and not like an ad? Powermat should get its ad money back from this “blogger”.

  2. my usb charging port is broke on my kindle fire. i have no way to charge it. will one of these`s pads work on my kindle?

    1. I would like to know the answer to this as well. My Kindle Fire is at 12% and will not charge. I’ve gone through the resets and still no charge. I’m assuming it’s the port itself. I have a second Kindle that was purchased at the same time that will not turn on or charge. This would be a great solution is it does not require using the charging port on the Kindle. Thanks!

  3. regarding wireless charging of a kindle fire — the problem for us is having to plug and unplug the charger the receptacle is so fragile– I can’t tell if this unit requires plugging & unplugging for each time you put the device on the mat to charge same.
    what we would like ideally is some kind of “fitted foot” that stays on the kindle fire, and we put the whole thing on the charging mat.

  4. Are you able to replace the port does anyone know because I have the same issue with the port not allowing connection

  5. Hi All,
    Been reading these posts and I added wireless charging to my kindle without too much effort.

    But a wireless charger with a micro usb on it.
    Plug this into the kindle and tape it to the back of the kindle, then place it into a slimline case.
    Get a wireless charging pad, and boom.

    Place the kindle on the pad aligned and it charges.

    Obviously you need to get your micro usb sorted first.

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