Quick and Affordable DIY Coasters

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Think you aren’t “crafty” enough to make a nice gift for someone? Think again! Check out these quick and affordable DIY coasters! I made these photo coasters for my Mom for Christmas using leftover tiles from their kitchen remodel (don’t tell her I stole them!). Do you think I thought to take pictures as I made them for this tutorial? No.

So, I decided to make a quick set of Christmas themed coasters!

Here are the supplies you need:

  • Tiles–I used the cheapest white tiles from my home improvement store for this set
  • Mod Podge–I like the matte look, but they also make a glossy sheen Mod Podge
  • Scrapbook paper–I chose 2 different ones, but I could have easily made a set of 4 out of one sheet of paper
  • Small felt pads for bottom of coasters
  • Protective sealant–I used the Krylon Matte finish sealant
  • Small Foam brush–not pictured, oops!

Here’s what you do!

  • Cut the paper to fit the tiles. I like to leave a little tile showing around the paper.
  • Apply Mod Podge to tile and place paper on tile. You wll be able to slide the paper a bit to get it centered how you want it. This is important, be sure to smooth it out and get all the air bubbles out! Let dry about 20 minutes.
  • Next, paint the Mod Podge over the paper. Be sure to get an even coat. The Mod Podge will paint on white, but it dries clear, so don’t worry! You can see below that it looks a little white still. This is just after applying a thin layer.

  • Let the Mod Podge dry at least 20 minutes between coats and apply 3-4 coats to the paper. Let dry overnight.
  • Then spray with the protective sealant according to the directions on the product you choose. I applied 2 layers of sealant to ensure a good seal.
  • Finally, apply felt pads to bottom of tiles.
And here is the finished product! Hopefully you can see a little bit of the texturing it gives from the brush strokes. I love them!
These DIY coasters make a great gift! So, get creative and make photo coasters, holiday coasters, or decorative coasters for you or your loved ones! I am SO excited to gift my Mom the photo DIY coasters for Christmas!
Enjoy these DIY coasters!

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Katie is the "virtual assistant" here at Family Friendly Frugality. Katie lives in south Georgia and is married to her high-school sweetheart. She is a Registered Nurse turned stay-at-home Mom to 2 kids just under 2 years apart. She is a busy Mom & Wife and loves blogging about frugality, cooking, couponing, and DIY projects.

7 thoughts on “Quick and Affordable DIY Coasters”

  1. These are very pretty! How did you transfer the photo to the coaster? Did you print on tissue paper and Mod Podge it?

    1. That is just photo paper! I printed the picture and trimmed to fit, just like the scrapbook paper coasters. I have seen some that print on tissue paper and put on canvases though. I think it’s a lot easier to work with photo paper versus tissue paper.

  2. These are very pretty! How did you transfer the photo to the coaster? Did you print on tissue paper and Mod Podge it?

  3. i fell in love with this project the minute i saw it. i went out and got all the stuff to make it and i knew it was too good to be true, i followed the directions and when i put them in there stacks to package them they left imprints on the photos, i let them dry for 24 hours before stacking them and packaging them but now theres felt circle marks on them, has anyone else had this problem and what can i do to fix it? thanks

    1. Sorry you had trouble Britney! I’m not sure about correcting it. Maybe another layer of mod podge + sealant to cover the circle marks?

      I gifted the photo ones above to my parents last year for Christmas and it didn’t have the issue. Maybe try thinner layers of Mod Podge next time? I’m going to be working on a few sets again this year for Christmas!

  4. I am in the process of making these and intend to cover the entire bottom with felt. Hopefully, that will prevent that problem.

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