Read “Tell Your Time”- 30 Pages, 4 Steps=Organized Stress Free Life for just $.99!

Are you having difficulty managing your time each and every day? Is prioritizing household and family duties too overwhelming?

Do you look at the laundry or the report your boss wants from you and give up before you even begin because you don’t know WHERE to begin?

Take control of your life and learn how to better manage  your time by checking out this great book from Amy Lynn Andrews called “Tell Your Time”.

For a limited time only, this ebook is on sale for just $.99!

Now you might be wondering why I’d suggest for you to read a book when you are already overwhelmed! Well the most awesome plus to this book is that it’s short. Amy gets in there, tells you like it is, explains her system and gets you back into your life in just 30 pages and 4 steps.

This price won’t last long, so head on over here to download your copy.  Use the coupon code ONLY99 to get your book for just $.99.

I loved this book and I use the techniques Amy suggests daily.

Disclaimer: I am a big fan of Amy’s. I follow her blog over at and I’ve followed her since her days. So I might be a bit biased! But for $.99, it’s not much of a gamble to check it out 😉

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