Retail Stores & Christmas: How Soon is TOO Soon To Deck The Halls?

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Have you noticed that every year, retail stores tend to start Christmas a good 2 weeks earlier then the year before? I remember a time when you didn’t see anything Christmas related in the stores until *just* before Thanksgiving.

Now though, Christmas starts in retail right after Back to School! Whatever happened to Halloween? Thanksgiving?

Are we really in such a rush?

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Kids frolicking around dressed up in adorable costumes and um…candy!

Thanksgiving? Wow! A time to count your blessings and an excuse to eat plates that weigh 10+ lbs? Yes please!

Now I want to be clear that I have no issues with pre-planning and starting your Christmas shopping early (be sure to check out my brand new Holiday Shopping for Less series!). Decorations though, I am not a fan of decorating for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. In fact, Black Friday is generally the day we start bedazzling the Family Friendly Frugality household for Christmas.

When do you start decorating? Does it annoy you to have Christmas shoved down your throat from September on? Do you think Nordstrom’s (picture above) has the right idea?

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6 thoughts on “Retail Stores & Christmas: How Soon is TOO Soon To Deck The Halls?”

  1. I love that they are doing this!! To me it adds to the anticipation of Christmas coming!! Now with all of the decorations out at the beginning of September, I am kind of burned out before it even gets here. A few years ago, I told my husband we were not even getting close to the Christmas aisle until after Thanksgiving unless we absolutely had to. It has actually worked out great and helps me be more festive, I am so thankful to Nordstroms for this and maybe a few others will follow there lead!

    1. Yep I agree. I ignore Christmas stuff like the plague until the Friday after Thanksgiving as well! We were at Kohl’s a few weeks ago and the kids wanted to look at Christmas stuff. I said no way, we’re going to look at Halloween stuff!

  2. After thanksgiving dinner is a tradition. Its when Garden Ridge has the 72 hr sale when they are open non stop… we go get any decorations we dont have already and spend the night putting the tree up. Its a lot of fun 🙂

  3. Always put the Christmas Tree up after Thanksgiving dinner, and the rest goes up during that weekend. Santa the last 2 yrs came to our mall the DAY AFTER Halloween. I think that is ridiculous!

  4. I’m in Canada so our Thanksgiving is over, I notice the stores have their Christmas Stuff already right with the Halloween Stuff. I love Christmas but we don’t start decorating until after the Santa Claus parade, which is usually first week of December. Wish we had black friday in Canada.

  5. Someone once mentioned in a discussion about this, that there are so many who don’t have the money to spend all at once for Christmas, so it’s nice to have the Christmas items out early so they can budget and plan for what they need to buy. Although it sometimes annoys me to have Thanksgiving on one side of an aisle and Christmas on the other side, I have to agree with this thought. :o)

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