Review & Giveaway of Miracle Gro Expand ‘n Gro™ (Just in Time for Spring!)

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Do you garden? I have a brownish-green thumb. I guess you could say I like the process but the results don’t really reflect my passion.
Recently, I had the opportunity to review Miracle Gro Expand ‘n Gro™
Miracle-Gro® Expand ‘n Gro™ Concentrated Planting Mix. e.g., Expand ‘n Gro™ is stands apart from the rest. First off, one bag expands up to 3X’s when you add water!
Secondly, this plant mix already has enough food for your flowers and vegetables for up to 6 months.
It significantly improves the soil for multiple years!
Because of the all natural fibers in the Miracle-Gro® Expand ‘n Gro™ Concentrated Planting Mix. e.g., Expand ‘n Gro™ , it can hold up to 50% more water than basic potting soil. This is so important because I live in South Texas and some years we really fight to keep our plants watered well enough to endure our hot Texas summers.
This potting soil is light and airy and it comes in a resealable bag which I just LOVE! Especially if you plan to plant your garden at different times (if you are planting veggies, it’s so important to plant at the right time.).
I should have taken pictures, but this HUGE bag was light enough for both of my kids (ages 3 and 5) to pick up! I struggle with traditional potting soil bags of the same size.
As you can see from the pictures below, the soil expanded greatly!
Before water

After water
I also included a video (y’all know how much I hate videos!) because I wanted you to see the Miracle-Gro® Expand ‘n Gro™ Concentrated Planting Mix. e.g., Expand ‘n Gro™ for yourself.

You can purchase Miracle-Gro® Expand ‘n Gro™ Concentrated Planting Mix. e.g., Expand ‘n Gro™ at pretty much any place that sells potting soil. Be sure to consider this planting mix for your garden this year! I suspect you won’t regret it!
Here’s another video made by Miracle Gro:
Would you like to win a sample of Miracle-Gro® Expand ‘n Gro™ Concentrated Planting Mix. e.g., Expand ‘n Gro™? Leave a comment under this post and let me know what you are planning to plant in your garden this year!
I’ll pick a winner at random and send over the planting mix!
This giveaway will end on 4/6/2012. Be sure to leave your correct email address when you leave your comment (there will be a spot in the comment form) because you will have 48 hours from the time I contact you to claim your prize.
Good luck!

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50 thoughts on “Review & Giveaway of Miracle Gro Expand ‘n Gro™ (Just in Time for Spring!)”

  1. We plan to plant our usual veggies – green beans, jalapeno, tomatoes, carrots, and others – and melon. I’d love to plant some shrubs but I haven’t decided what or where.. or even how. lol

  2. I’ve already planted tulips, garlic, strawberries, blanching onions, red peppers, and wild flowers. I still need to plant tomatoes and jalapeños. I have a small patio garden so I have to be picky about what I plant.

  3. Love this, I need something lite wt to carry ,yet does its job once the plants are in. We also like Miracle Gro. Makes a big differnece in flowers and veges. We’re planting a variety, beans, lettuces, toms, onions, potatoes, eggplants, squash, and doing several of these in containers for the deck….Thanks for the chance to win this!

  4. I’d love to try this! I always plant pots of flowers etc. and this is great how it expands. I too have trouble carrying the bags of regular potting soil!

  5. I need to replant some flowers in the two planters on our front porch. They don’t look very pretty with dead plants in them!

  6. I am starting a new garden area this year and want to focus on planting tomatoes, onions, zucchini, green beans — mainly things that i know my family will eat so that we don’t have excess vegetables sitting around. But if we do, I always give them away to those who don’t have a garden!

  7. I plant pots of herbs, some tomatoes and a large amount of flowers. I would like to try the new miracle grow.

  8. This spring I am hoping to plant lots of flowers and vegetables, namely tomatoes. I’m really hoping to make my backyard into a little oasis and do the space justice. Every year I start off well but the harsh So CA sun makes it hard to keep up with the numerous container plants! This year I’m determined though!

  9. I will be planting tomatoes and I might try some different veggies this year so this miracle gro would be great especially for our crappy soil

  10. I’d love to try it, my african violets keep having babies,, so I almost always need to pot something.

  11. I’m planting tomatoes, corn, onions, lettuce, carrots, watemelon, pumpkins, cantaloupe, blackberries, raspberries, cucumbers and yellow peppers. I have a very clay-like soil in my backyard, so I have to use TONS of garden soil and compost to have a decent garden.

  12. Tomatos, as always, and spinach. Last year we had some luck with pumpkin and squash so we’ll try again. Herbs, including basil, rosemary, thyme, and dill. Sweet peas. Hoping the blueberry and raspbrry bushes will produce this year.

  13. I am going to try out a few veggies this year to hopefully encourage my son to eat them better!! Mostly though I will be planting lots of flowers!! This would be great to help cut down on all the watering that needs to be done during the heat of the summer! Thanks!!

  14. I’d put it under the ‘tree of death’ where everything but hosta and weeds die. I wants some flowers there.

  15. We’ll be planting, popcorn, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, peppers, peas, cabbage, onion, beans (probably yellow, since my daughter thinks they’re better than green-lol!) If we put in a 2nd garden, I’ll do sweet corn too 🙂

  16. I’ll be planting a little bit of everything from flowers to veggies and fruit I’m so excited!

  17. My son wants to plant tomatoes. He has started a few already, but I bet he’d plant a million more just to play with this soil!

  18. Hello, how are you? Thank you for this opportunity. I plan to plant various herbs, tomatoes, and onions.

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