iT’Z Family Food and Fun Review PLUS Kids Eat Free on Thursday!


Last week (the week before school started for our son), we had a fun “Staycation” here in town.

We drove down to the beach.

We played in our pool.

We went to the movies.

We also spent 2 days at an AWESOME place called iT’Z!

If you have ever been to an iT’Z, you know that it’s like a kid’s paradise.

They have PIZZA! (all you can eat! And yes all you can eat salad bar and pastas as well!)


Go Carts!

Laser Tag!

and so much more.

Our mission is to create a fun experience for families. We do this by combining affordable family dining with quality entertainment.  Unlimited buffet? Check. The latest and greatest games? Without a doubt.  Guaranteed good times? Absolutely.  iT’Z all here! Kids Eat Free at iT’Z every Thursday!

iT’Z the place to PARTY! iT’Z the place for FOOD! iT’Z the place for FUN!

iT’z has locations in: 

  • Euless
  • Pasadena (the one we went to)
  • Willowbrook
  • Colorado Springs
  • Albuquerque

The iT’z near us has been here for several years, but we actually hadn’t been there before. This particular iT’Z used to be owned by a different company though. I say this only to post this next picture:

Over 4 years ago, when I was in the hospital in labor with Lizzie, my SIL and BIL took my son (then only 22 months old) to this place and took the picture of him as a baby. I tricked Noah into recreating this picture the other day, except this time he was actually WATCHING his 4 year old sister in the Go Carts with her daddy 😉 .

Just a bit of nostalgia for you 😉

Our Experience at iT’Z

When you first walk into iT’Z, you’ll pay (pay for a package or just pay for the buffet and game cards separately. The packages seem to be the best value though) and head on over to the buffet.

After getting your food and drink, you’ll head to one of their many themed rooms to eat. My kids chose the “movie” room (where we watched Tangled) one day and the sports room (so my son could watch baseball) the other day (more on why we went twice in one week in a bit!).

After you eat, it’s on to the games!

Each kid chose to ride the Go Carts with their dad.

I honestly think their favorite thing to play was the air hockey tables though! Probably because myself or my husband got to play with them each time. Air hockey is something our whole family loves to play!

The second day we went, my daughter actually won 1250 tickets on ONE game! Unfortunately, the machine only printed out about 30 tickets before it stopped. I stood there so confused. I didn’t want to walk away from the machine for fear someone else would play it and we would lose our tickets. However, my 4 year old is too young to venture off to find an attendant.

In the 15 seconds or so it takes for me to puzzle this scenario out, an iT’Z employee came up behind me and quickly fixed the machine for us!

You should have seen the looks we got from passerbys as our HUGE pile of tickets printed out. It was priceless!

We only ran into one other snag during our visit (and this was in relation to our MASSIVE pile of tickets, LOL) and the manager quickly fixed it for us with a smile.

We had so much fun at iT’Z and will definitely visit often!

Why We Went a 2nd Time in One Week

While we were there the first time, we saw ads on the table to download an app called FrontFlip and to scan the QR code at our table.  We scanned the app and won a free $5 Game Card!

That was awesome enough…until a few days later when my husband received a “gift” through the FrontFlip app for a “Biggest Deal” package! This includes the buffet, the drinks, ALL day Unlimited Video Games, ALL Day unlimited bowling, go carts, bumper cars, lazer tag, and a 20 point Fun Card!

We couldn’t let that go to waste, so we went back a 2nd time!

Moral of the story…download the FrontFlip app while you are at iT’Z!

Click here to check out the info for the iT’Z in your area.

Be sure to follow iT’Z  on Facebook as well!

Special Offers from iT’Z: 

***Kids eat FREE every Thursday at iT’Z! This is at EVERY location starting September 5th!

***Student Rewards: Cash in good grades for fun card points. An A= 5 points and a B= 2 points!

Disclaimer: We were comped a visit to iT’Z for our first visit through our partnership with iT’Z and US Family Guide. All opinions are our own.

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