Rising Gas Prices: Are You Feeling Pain At The Pump?

Today on Momtastic I have a featured article titled: Rising Gas Prices: 5 Ways To Alleviate Pain At The Pump

Imagine you have the choice between feeding your children a nourishing breakfast or filling up your bone dry gas tank to get to your job. Which would you choose?

If you don’t go to work, you can’t bring any more money in. You can’t imagine letting your kids go hungry though! Does that sound like some kind of dire doomsday prediction? It certainly does, but unfortunately there are hundreds of thousands of people in our country living that harsh reality right now due to rising gas prices.

Rising gas prices are the hot topic of conversation wherever you look today. Facebook and Twitter are filled with complaints,

I just spent my firstborn’s college tuition on a tank of gas that won’t even last me through the week.


I’ve decided I’m just going to walk everywhere from now on. Who cares if I live 20 miles from my job? I hate #gasprices

We have been here before, back when Hurricane Katrina hit and our wallets felt the full impact of the pain at the pump. Now here we are again, and it’s predicted to be even worse. So how do we manage? How do we lessen the impact of rising gas prices without sacrificing our quality of life? Is it even possible?

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