Safeway Celebrates National Dairy Month & So Do We! #SafewayDairy

Now that is some yummy yogurt!

Did you know that June is National Dairy Month? Now I know what you are thinking…Heather, it’s June 30th and you are just now telling me this!

Yes, I’m a bit late to the ballgame, but I wanted to share because we had the most fun picnic today!

I know that most people don’t generally think of Dairy products when they think of picnics. However, I found this awesomely simple dessert recipe on Safeway’s website and I just had to try it out!

Here’s the recipe:

Yogurt Parfait

  • 2 cups vanilla yogurt
  • 1 cup granola
  • 8 blackberries

In a large glass, layer 1 cup yogurt, 1/2 cup granola and 4 blackberries. Repeat layers.

The doritos look just a bit out of place there, don't they?

Now my kids love berries and they love yogurt! I knew I wanted us to have a picnic and I also knew I wanted us to have a fun dessert for our picnic. So off to our local Safeway affiliate (Randall’s) we went!

Safeway has a huge variety of dairy products to choose from, but today for our picnic, we purchased the following:

  • Kraft Singles
  • Lucerne Vanilla Yogurt
  • Lucerne Heavy Whipping Cream

I love the Lucerne brand of dairy foods AND the Kraft Singles were on sale! Can’t get much better then that. Shopping at our local Safeway affiliate is always a treat. The store is well laid out, and even if the parking lot is full I still feel like I get in and out quickly and with everything I came for.

Yes the pic is BIG so you can drool over it.

We came home and the kids helped me whip up our quick and easy parfaits, and out the door we went!

Chowing down!

We laid out our huge king sized picnic blanket and proceeded to munch down on our yummy cheese sandwiches and our parfaits that Mommy topped with some homemade whipped cream (heavy whipping cream + sugar + KitchenAid=Heaven).

I don’t know about you, but a picnic lunch with my kids in the backyard (even in June heat in Texas) is a pretty special moment, so I also shared our experience on You can see my ThisMoment slideshow below!

What kinds of dairy products do you enjoy? Have you recently tried any recipes that include dairy? I’d love to hear about them!

Disclosure: This project has been compensated as part of the June Dairy program for Safeway. But all opinions are my own. Seriously, picnics with my kids are fun! The yogurt parfait was awesomely yummy too!

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4 thoughts on “Safeway Celebrates National Dairy Month & So Do We! #SafewayDairy”

  1. Hey, I made some like this for 4th of July … only mine are not quite as healthy as yours, I mix cool whip and vanilla yogurt together for my parfaits, shhh {slaps wrist} :).

    Freshly whipped cream is so much better than the canned stuff. I don’t even normally buy cool whip, except for some reason it just tastes so good in a parfait :). But yes, I grew up with whipped cream and sugar, it doesn’t get better than that.

    1. Mmm your version sounds yummy too!

      Cool Whip definitely has it’s place in certain dishes! I’m not going to lie, we usually have a tub in the freezer for just in case!

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