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How to Save Money on Utilities

Are you paying WAY too much for your electricity/gas/water? Here are some unique tips, tricks and ideas for how to save money on utilities. You CAN save money on these important necessities. Read this post to learn how! save on utilities


Pretty much everyone is aware that our natural resources are quickly getting depleted worldwide.

Along with this comes regular increases on our utilities and energy bills. This extra cost comes at a time in history where more people are struggling than ever before and are looking for ways to find relief in their budgets.

Fortunately, there are some ways to reduce your energy bills that will make a significant difference.

Be selective about what you are heating and cooling

Many people simply blanket their entire home in heat or air conditioning. If you spend time constantly in all the rooms in your home this is understandable.

If you are like most families, however, you probably have areas of your home that you rarely go to. Be it a guest room or whatever, there is no need to waste energy costs in those areas. Close off the vents in these rooms and shut the doors!

In addition, make sure all exterior doors stay CLOSED! In my house, we have two doors that enter into the (uninsulated) garage. When these doors are left open (common!), we are losing valuable AC or heat!

Use the power of rainwater

Creating a system that utilizes rainwater can do wonders for your water bill.

Rainwater is ideal for watering your plants, garden and yard. Getting out the water hose and spraying your greenery costs far more over time than you realize. This is especially true during a water shortage.

Consider capturing rainwater for these types of needs and save a few bucks too.

Power down when things are not being used

Computers, televisions and various other household electronics are power drains that keep on pulling out of your wallet. Put them all on power strips and you can easily turn them off when not in use.

You would be shocked at the difference in your power bill after doing this for a year.

Put lights on a motion sensor

Motion detection is a beautiful thing. Set up your lights to be on when you are in the room and off when you are not. If you plan to be in a room and being still, there is a setting for this as well.

This small step can do wonders for your electric bill. Lights and energy are being wasted with regularity and it is an easy fix. Why not solve this easy problem and make it automated?

Commit to a change

All the changes in the world will never stick if you don’t make a commitment to see it through. Even more so, you will need to get that same promise from the entire family.

One person ignoring energy costs can undo the efforts of many. Make certain that you all turn over a new leaf and commit to the changes you implement.

If you do, you will see a marked difference in your energy bill.

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  1. I use a night light in the bathroom and bedroom for fear of falling since I am 77. It is set to come on at dark and off at day light.

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