Savory Roasted Broccoli Recipe

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Do you have trouble getting your kids or husband to eat vegetables? My 3 year old daughter had always said “I don’t like broccoli!” until she finally tried my Savory Roasted Broccoli Recipe. Now she says “Broccoli is super yummy!”. Yes, my 3 year old LOVES broccoli! My husband even enjoys it and my known to be picky 17 month old CRIES FOR BROCCOLI! Yes, cries! It’s like music to my ears!

Trust me, you’ll want to try this easy and delicious recipe for Savory Roasted Broccoli!


  • Fresh broccoli
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and/or any other spices you’d like. I’ve tried it with minced garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice, but the kids didn’t like it as well (I thought it was delicious!).


  1. Cut the florets apart into bite sized pieces. The smaller the pieces, the less cook time you’ll need. You want the broccoli as dry as you can get it, so if you wash it, dry it thoroughly!! I don’t wash mine. I figure it’s cooked at a high enough temperature to kill any  germs!
  2. Toss in a resealable bag
  3. Pour in 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil, depending on how much broccoli you use. I used 2 Tbsp. on the above broccoli
  4. Seal the bag and give it a good shake to get the broccoli well covered with oil.
  5. Pour onto tin foil lined baking pan and season with salt or other desired spices.
  6. Finally, roast in a pre-heated 425 degree oven for 20-25 minutes (depending on broccoli size). Turn broccoli half way through cooking.

Your finished product will be tender, tasty, savory roasted broccoli! Now, go surprise your family and show them that broccoli can be “super yummy!”.


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One thought on “Savory Roasted Broccoli Recipe”

  1. I never eat broccoli unless its raw… I can’t stand it cooked. BUT my husband can’t stand broccoli raw… But at the same time doesn’t like it cooked either. LOL SO this is certainly something to try. My son is only 11 months old, so he’s really good at eating broccoli….. For now……. 😛 I will keep this in mind for the near future when he starts becoming more and more picky.

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