Sew Your Own Clothing for Your Children

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Are you a seamstress? Do you barely know how to thread a needle?

Have you considered that maybe one day you might want to sew your own clothing for your children, but you don’t quite know where to start?

Here are five things to consider and prepare to sew your own clothing for your children:

1. Make sure you own a sewing machine to sew your own clothing for your children. Hand sewing won’t cut it for children’s clothing. You can purchase a sewing machine on Amazon or at your favorite local retailer. Also, be sure to check out Craigslist. You’d be shocked how often sewing machines are available for super cheap!

2. Read your sewing machine manual! Get to know your machine. Understand the stitches your machine is capable of. Familiarize yourself with what needles and what presser foots do what. Utilize YouTube for tutorials. Make sure you can thread your machine and sew in a straight line before you start to sew your own clothing for your children. Practice on scrap fabric.

3. Think about why you want to sew your own clothing for your children. Is it for cost effectiveness? If so, be sure you do your homework on what items are cheaper to purchase in store and which are cheaper to make at home. I don’t sew play clothes for my children because I can purchase it for MUCH cheaper at a store like Walmart or Target. However, I LOVE making pretty dresses for my daughter. I would spend $70+ for a dress that costs under $10 for me to make at home myself.

4. Be realistic and start off with a pattern that is simple with techniques you understand. When you first start to sew your own clothing for your children, don’t spend much on fabric. Purchase inexpensive remnants while you practice and get used to the pattern. When you finally have the hang of it, then you can purchase some pretty nice fabric (be sure to look for coupons!).

5. Take good care of the clothing you sew for your children. When you sew your own clothing for your children,  you’ll notice that you might need to iron clothes a bit more often. You might need to mend a bit more often (if you have a serger, you’ll cut way down on unraveling hems. I highly recommend a serger if you are going to sew your own clothing for your children with any regularity).

Have you ever had the desire to sew your own clothing for your children? Comment below and let me know what you have made!

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