Sharing is Caring: Win a Coupon Clutch Organizer!

***This giveaway was SO HOT last time, I’ve decided to do it again!

Once upon a time your binder was well organized and filled with current (no expired coupons in YOUR binder!) alphabetized coupons filed by category, sub-category and aisle. Right?

Yeah, me neither. 😉

Coupon organization is a HOT topic. When you learn that someone you know coupons, inevitably one of the first questions you feel compelled to ask is:

“How do you organize your coupons?”

This question is a loaded one, luckily I cover different varieties of coupon organization in my post here: How to Organize Your Coupons

How cool would it be to answer that question with: “Oh I use a super fashionable Coupon Clutch for my coupons!

I mean, look how cute these are!

Coupon Clutch Giveaway

Imagine walking around your local grocery store with one of those beauties!

I’ve decided that since I love my readers SO much, I want to give one of these beautiful Coupon Clutches away!

It gets better though, if you share this giveaway with your friends and YOU win, they win as well!

So MAKE SURE you share with your friends! If this giveaway is successful, I’ll definitely do more coupon organization giveaways in the future!

Click below to enter to win a Coupon Clutch $55 Gift Certificate!

You can enter to win this Coupon Clutch until July 31st, 2011!

Disclaimer: This giveaway is not sponsored, administered or endorsed by Facebook OR Coupon Clutch. It’s fully sponsored by moi 😉

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5 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring: Win a Coupon Clutch Organizer!”

  1. I used to have the best litle wallett for them but lost it so now I just put them in a envelope because the only thing I can find are plastic onesthat are thin

  2. Organize them??? ouch-i think that I’m doing great if i remember to bring them to the store. I put them into a sandwhich bag and toss them in my purse.

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