Starbucks 12 Days of Sharing Begins December 1st!

From December 1-12, Starbucks is hosting 12 Days of Sharing!  Each day from December 1-12, there will be a new exclusive offer. You can visit the website, text MERRY to 697289, or visit a store for the schedule!

Here are the offers!

  • Dec. 1st–Holiday Starbucks Petites 4-pack $3.95 (regular price $5); 2 for $6
  • Dec. 2nd–Starbucks Christmas Blend 1lb $9.95 (regular price $14.95); Starbucks VIA Christmas Blend 12 pk. $7.95 (regular price $11.95)
  • Dec. 3rd–Holiday Themed 16oz. Cold Cup $9.95 (regular price $12.95)
  • Dec. 4th–Holiday Mugs $4.95 (regular price $8.95)
  • Dec. 5th–Starbucks Coffee Sampler Pk. $9.95 (regular price $14.95)
  • Dec. 6th–Let’s Merry or Red Cup Tumbler $7.95 (regular price $10.95-$11.95)
  • Dec. 7th–50% off Cranberry Bliss Bars 6 pk. $6.95 (regular price $13.95)
  • Dec. 8th–Any Starbucks VIA Ready Brew 12 pk. $7.95 (regular price $ 9.95-$11.95)
  • Dec. 9th–FREE Starbucks VIA Ready Brew 3 pk. with the purchase of 1lb. Starbucks Christmas Blend $14.95 (regular price $17.90)
  • Dec. 10th–TAZO Tea Sampler or Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Gift Pack Sampler $12.95 (regular price $16.95-$19.95)
  • Dec. 11th–Holiday Boxed Mugs $6.95 (regular price $9.95)
  • Dec. 12th–Free Brewed Coffee During the Month of January with the Purchase and use of special 16 oz Tumbler Mug $19.95 (over $70 value)


Thanks Coupon Connections!

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