Subway Kids Meals Are A Great Healthy Meal! Win a $40 Subway Gift Card #EatFresh #KidsMeals

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Did you know that out of all the chain restaurants evaluated by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) there is only ONE restaurant and menu that fulfilled the criteria for nutritious kids’ meals?

The FRESH FITTM for KIDS menu from Subway!

This was an investigation into the top 50 restaurants and Subway came out on top!

Here is some more information gleaned from the study:

  • CSPI found that fried chicken fingers, burgers and French fries continue to dominate the kids’ meals landscape, with 97 percent of the nearly 3,500 meal possibilities not meeting CSPI’s nutrition criteria.
  • All of SUBWAY® restaurant’s eight children’s meals, which include a 4” sub, apple slices and low-fat milk or bottled water, amount to less than 430 calories, less than 35% fat, 0 % trans fat, 35% added sugars and 770 mg of sodium, and meet both the expert and industry nutrition standards (CSPI’s and the National Restaurant Association’s Kids LiveWell Nutrition Standards).
  • SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDS™ meals have been approved by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), with whomSUBWAY® restaurants has partnered to help fight childhood obesity.

Recently we headed over to Subway to have a great family meal. Both of our children ordered a SUBWAY FRESH FIT FOR KIDSTM meal and they loved it! 

It’s a great place for a quick family dinner.

Do you want to win a gift certificate to Subway?

Subway has offered to  send a $40 SUBWAY card to one Family Friendly Frugality reader! Use it to enjoy a FRESH FITTM meal of your choice at a local SUBWAY restaurant with your family.

To enter, comment on this post and let me know what your favorite sandwich is to purchase at Subway. If you order for your kids at Subway as well, tell me their favorites too!

You can also earn an extra entry (make another comment) by subscribing to the FFF email (make sure you confirm your subscription!).

This giveaway will end on 5/1/13 at 11:59 PM CST.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Subway gift card to facilitate this review and giveaway. All opinions are my own. The gift card will be provided by the sponsor of this giveaway to the winner.

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612 thoughts on “Subway Kids Meals Are A Great Healthy Meal! Win a $40 Subway Gift Card #EatFresh #KidsMeals”

  1. I love subway! I get the 6 inch Black Forest ham with lettuce tomatoes onions banana peppers and a little ranch!!!

  2. We LOVE Subway! DH, E, & I love the breakfast sandwich. M loves turkey. Recently, E & D like the toasted Spicy Italian with olives and swiss cheese. If it was up to the boys, we would eat there every day. M especially loves the smell of the fresh bread.

  3. My favorites are spicy italian and roasted chicken…my son loves the turkey ham, and its a GREAT way to get him LOTS of veggies!

  4. I have only eaten there one time about a year ago when a friend treated me. I have no clue what I would like but the gift card would be a great introduction to figuring that out! ;o)

  5. My favorite sandwich at Subway is the very unhealthy Italian BMT, followed by a close second, Meatball Marinara. 😉

  6. My girls and I love Subway! My favorite is just egg, cheese and green pepper on flat bread. One kid likes BLT and the other gets ham!

  7. I love the roast beef with extra spinach. My 3 year old loves the meatball with spinach and olives and my 6 year old loves the chicken breast.

  8. Turkey on wheat is my favorite, sometimes with bacon added- yum! My 4 year old likes the egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.

  9. We had subway tonight! I got the roasted chicken breast with lettuce, spinach, tomato, onions, jalepenos, avacado, and salt & pepper. My little one had the kid fit meal with turkey and spinach. I also enjoy their breakfast at least twice a week.

  10. Roasted chicken breast if they have it on offer, if not it would be tuna. Subway is just comfort food, of course with my usual toppings of lettuce, cucumber and capsicum with sweet onion sauce 🙂

  11. I like turkey on 9 grain with no cheese green pepper, onion, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, banana pepper, light mayo, mustard. My son eats the exact same thing but add olives.

  12. My favorite sub to order is tuna and provolone on wheat loaded with tons of veggies. My son likes their ham and cheese.

  13. My fav is the spicy italian. My kiddos like the philly cheesesteak, meatball sandwich and the baby loves their pizza!!

  14. My 5 year old loves the veggie delite with tomatoes lettuce and sweet onion vinagrette on italian bread. My 11 year old loves the roast beef with cheddar bbq sauce and lettuce. And honestly I love almost anything that has roast beef or turkey cheese and tons of the veggies bell pepper cucumbers tomato, peppercinis, olives, lettuce and I love the sweet onion sauce too.

  15. My favorite is the Turkey on wheat with honey mustard sauce or the Steak and Cheese on wheat with the chipotle sauce……both loaded with veggies.

  16. I love the spicy Italian (even though it isn’t the healthiest!) my kids will eat anything from subway 🙂

  17. we love the chicken bacon ranch we load it up with all the veggies and we get the chipotle sauce our little girl like the turkey or chicken bacon ranch and she to loads it up on all the veggies but she has hers with honey mustard I also like to get there soups OMG! they are so good and then sometimes I like to get the crab meat as a little bowel and their crackers .

  18. I get so many different sandwiches but my son gets the same thing every time: flatbread veggie sandwich with extra cheese.

  19. I love to get a 6 in ham and turkey on whole wheat, American cheese, all veggies except olives and banana peppers, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar, light mayo and a little honey mustard. Yum!

  20. My fave is the veggie sandwich with everything but jalapeños and spinach. Both those flavored just mess it all up for me.! Then I put chipotle sauce. 🙂 I could live off subway sandwiches.

  21. I absolutely live the meatball sub, on a cheese bread with double cheese, and lettuce, tomato, pickeles, olives and onuons.

  22. My favorite is their Meatball Marinara with swiss cheese on their Italian Herb & Cheese bread, toasted!

  23. My fav sandwich is a 6 inch wheat with turkey and pepperjack cheese, spinach, bell peppers and a few banana peppers! Just had one last night!

  24. Thank you for the giveaway. My favorite sandwich is either the black forest ham or Turkey with pepperjack cheese, mayo, olives, spinach, lettuce, banana peppers, jalapenos, and pickles on Italian herb bread.

    My kids love the black forest ham with lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and spinach.

  25. I subscribed!! My favorite if I’m taking home is a club on garlic bread. If I’m eating it there I get a veggie patty. It’s hot and has to be eaten hot to be thoroughly enjoyed. YUM!! I worked at Subway for over 2 years and got free food. Best part of the job.

  26. My favorite right now is to order a footlong ham on wheat. I get half, I split half between my two toddlers, add some fruit at home and we get a meal for $5!

  27. We went to Subway today and ordered the Smoky BBQ Chicken.
    Unanimous – we all have a new favorite!
    Thank you.

  28. I like Roast Beef on whole wheat bread piled high with every single veggie and pepper and Sweet Onion Sauce on top.

  29. My favorite sub is the Italian BMT, with cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, onions, pickles, vinegar & oil….and anything else I feel like that day. I love Subway!!

  30. I love the Sub Club 🙂 and I love our local Subway because they are great with my kids!!! I have one that gets ham with the “skin” cut off with as many olives they can cram on and another that has turkey with spinach and cukes 🙂

  31. I love the turkey breast sub on whole wheat with lots of veggies, especially green peppers! My kids like the turkey breast and also the meatball sub.

  32. I love the sweet onion chicken teryaki sub! My kids love their fit meals because they enjoy building their own sub. Thanks!

  33. I love a turkey and pepperjack sub on honey oat bread, piled high with tomatoes, peppers and cukes! And my toddler loves to steal all of said cukes 😉

  34. I love the breakfast omelets on pita bread. And my kids loved the kid meals but have now outgrown them 🙁 and their all time favorite, no matter the time of day, is the meatball sub on wheat bread. Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. I love the spicy italian with lots of fresh veggies. My little guy is plain ol’ boy all the way….ham and cheese on wheat with light mayo and pickles, lol

  36. My all time favorite has to be the Spicy Italian, made like a traditional Sub sandwich, with oil & vinegar and oregano, mayo, salt & pepper, over tomatoes, lettuce, olives, onions, pepperoncini, over those tasty cold cuts!

  37. Grilled chicken breast with american cheese, lettuce, and mayo<3!!! THANK YOU SO SO SOOOO VERY MUCH:D!!!!!!!

  38. I always order turkey with provolone, spinach, tomatoes, black olives, and red wine vinegar on honey oat bread. My boys both love the steak and cheese sandwich with mayo.

  39. My fav used to be the sweet onion chicken teriyaki but now I like the big Philly cheesesteak on wheat with green peppers onions lettuce and Mayo. Yummy.

  40. I have several favorites, but my boys always get turkey, tomatoes & cheese. My daughter (who is still small enough to get the ‘kids meal) LOVES the black forest ham. She also likes the ‘small’ bags of Sun chips. 🙂

  41. I love the roasted chicken breast. I have cancer and if i have the money (i receive less than $400.00 monthly for disability) after chemo i buy one. It is the only food i can eat without throwing up.

  42. My favorite is the Subway Club on white bread with tomato, lettuce, olives, sweet peppers and mayo.

  43. I love the toasted chicken breast on whole wheat w/ lots of veggies & my husband always gets a tuna sub on wheat. Its one of his all-time favorite meals! I’m a subscriber to your feed & love it!

  44. We love Subway! My favorite is the Spicy Italian on flatbread. My daughter usually gets ham & provolone on Italian bread, while my son gets a vegetarian also on Italian bread!

  45. We always get the cold cut combos. I get mine with mayo and lettuce and the kids have no pattern to theirs. They just pile random stuff on them.

  46. I always get The roasted chicken on white w/ mayo, mustard , s&p, oil&vinegar, double provolone, lettuce , olives & extra banana peppers. It has been the best sub I have had since 2001, I try others but always go back.

  47. Honey oat bread, turkey & ham, sometimes with provolone, always toasted.
    ALL the veggies, except onions and jalapenos. Extra banana peppers and olives.
    A little bit of honey mustard to top it off.

  48. i have personally never eaten at subway, however, i do have an 18 yr old son away at college who i think lives on subway! this would be an awesome birthday gift for him. thanks so much for the opportunity to win! happy weekend!

  49. My favorite sub is a foot long seafood sensation with black olives, lettuce, light mayo and pickles on the italian herbs and cheese bread 😀 my kids both love anything i give them, and theirs is always on the wheat bread.

  50. I like the turkey sub w/ provolone , spinach, lettuce, onion, black olive, green pepper, banana pepper, olive oil, tiny bit of mustard. Mmmmmmmm

  51. My favorite is the Chicken Bacon Ranch Melt Sub, and my son loves the The Big Philly Cheesesteak Sub! So delicious!

  52. My daughter loves the turkey on flatbread with tomatoes, black olives, and lettuce.
    I love steak & cheese on flatbread with onions, spinach, tomatoes, and black olives

  53. I had a Black Forest Ham two days ago and it was delish, but sometimes I get one of their the turkey, the meatball, or one of their chicken sandwiches instead.

  54. Our family loves the Italian BMT on Italian bread, loaded up with almost every veggies they have, a little oil and vinegar, and some mayo.

  55. My favorite is a 6 inch BLT on wheat with double bacon. One granddaughter only gets bread with lettuce & green peppers because she doesn’t like meat. The other granddaughter (her sister) gets a 6 inch with turkey & pepperoni only, because she doesn’t like vegetables! AND SO BETWIXT THEM BOTH, THEY LICK THE PLATTER CLEAN!

  56. My daughter and I ALWAYS order the grill chicken ranch. Mine always has bacon with as many vegetables that will fit. Even jalapeño. My daughter take hers with mustard & just pickles

  57. I love the chicken, bacon and cheddar flatbreads! My son usually gets the kids meal with Turkey and cheese 🙂

  58. I like the cold cut, Philly cheese & tuna. Any one of those with a salad, that’s good grub! My daughter likes the meatball /w white cheese .

  59. I enjoy a turkey sandwich with a bit of mustard, cheese and veggies. Every once in while I’ll branch out for something new.

  60. Subway is a great fast food alternative. I love the grilled chicken breast and the tuna. The kids love the turkey sub and it is so much better for then than a happy meal

  61. I get the chicken bacon ranch sub sometimes. However, I do mix it up as well. Everything at subway is awesome!

  62. I eat the Grilled Chicken with Cheese and some of the added veggies. A matter a fact that’s what my whole family eats.

  63. When my daughters and I go to subway, we usually split a spicy Italian sub. If I go alone, I usually just get a veggie lovers 🙂