Sweet Treat: Strawberry PoundCake Cups

Strawberry Pound Cake Cups

For my daughter’s birthday breakfast, I made her cake batter pancakes. So when I was trying to figure out what to bring up to her class to share with her friends, I knew I didn’t really want to do cupcakes.

Especially since I knew we’d be eating cake yet again later in the evening!

This past weekend, we took a trip to our favorite produce market and we were lucky enough to score some early homegrown fresh strawberries. I was surprised and a bit skeptical since we usually go early in the spring to go pick our own, but these were just as good!

Public Service Announcement: if you’ve never had fresh picked strawberries, you are missing out! You will never enjoy a grocery store strawberry in the same way again. This spring, find a pick your own field and pick a few buckets as a family. You can thank me later!

My daughter is a strawberry monster, so I knew anything that involved strawberries would be a total hit.

She also was turning 3 and in a class filled with 2 & 3 year olds, so I knew I wanted something that wouldn’t be too super messy.

One of Lizzie’s favorite desserts was this strawberry and chocolate trifle I made a few months back. It was super messy, but she just LOVED it!

I decided to recreate a neater, healthier version for her and her classmates and it was actually a really big hit!

A great alternative to cupcakes, and perfect for a light treat. Don’t limit yourself, use a variety of berries if you like. Add chocolate. Add strawberry glaze. Add sprinkles! Use chocolate cake. This is a very versatile treat.

Strawberry PoundCake Cups

Quantities provided make around 14 small clear cups 

Ingredients :

  • 2 pints strawberries (washed and sliced…you can just cut them in half, but for little ones I recommend slicing)
  • whipped cream (make your own if you like. Just whip some heavy cream with some sugar and a dash of vanilla)
  • 1 pound cake (I bought store bought, but you can totally make your own as well. Just be sure to do it in advance so it has a chance to cool)
  • clear plastic cups (if you are serving adults you might use some of these small reusable mason jars. Obviously that wasn’t practical for a class of 2 year olds though)


1. Start off with a layer of strawberries on the bottom of the cup

2. Add some cut up pound cake

3. Throw a few more strawberries on top of the pound cake

4. Top with whipped cream!

I topped each of mine with a cut strawberry, but you can get more adventurous by drizzling chocolate sauce or a strawberry glaze. I was trying to keep things fairly neat though!

They fit pretty easily into one of those disposable turkey roasting pans with a lid, and I was able to re use the pan later that night to transport her birthday cake in. I chilled these for about 2 hours before we brought them up to her school.

These were so fun and my daughter just loved them! Her classmates enjoyed them as well and it honestly was easier than making/frosting a dozen cupcakes. Total winner in my book!

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