How to Find Cheap Baby Clothes

baby clothes

Your baby will be here soon and you may already be overwhelmed with the long list of items it seems this little guy or girl will need when he or she gets here. How does one tiny little one seem to need so much?

Luckily finding cheap baby clothes, especially for that first year, can be pretty easy.

Tips on Finding Cheap Baby Clothes

1. Garage sales – Before baby arrives is the perfect time to start your garage sale hunt. Find a cluster of garage sales near each other and you’ll even get a little workout as you walk from driveway to driveway. You can often find lots of cheap baby clothes in great condition at garage sales, if you keep your eyes open.

2. Local Facebook groups – This is the new Craigslist, it seems. To find these groups, ask on local parenting message boards, in your local moms group or search Facebook by your city name and “online consignment” or similar. Remember, though, while it’s exciting to get a great deal, don’t let it cloud your judgement. Just like with Craigslist, be cautious of giving out personal details online, meet the person during the day in a public place (and maybe it’s a venture you’d rather take with a friend or your spouse). This can be a great way to find decent amounts of cheap baby clothes all in one spot.

3. Ask your friends – It doesn’t hurt to put it out there that you’re looking for cheap baby clothes. Ask them to keep an eye out for sales or for any acquaintances who might be ready to pass theirs on. You’ll be surprised at how quickly people swoop in with offers for hand-me-downs. Be sure to ask whether they’d like them back (so you can mark them accordingly and make sure they get returned to the correct owners) or whether they’d like you to donate or pay it forward when your baby has grown out of them.

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Finding Nike Baby Clothes for Your Littlest Sports Fan

For your littlest sports fan, you can find Nike baby clothes in a number of different spots.

Here’s a list of surefire stores to score your next set of Nike baby clothes:

1. – There’s simply no better selection of Nike baby clothes than directly at the source. You won’t find a ton of sales here, but sometimes the selection is worth it. Find your favorite team for your favorite little fan here. Or be sure to pick up his or her first pair of Nike sneakers in store or online.

2. TJMaxx – Be sure to regularly browse the racks at closeout stores like TJMaxx and Marshall’s. Nike baby clothes are a popular item and they’ll pop up pretty regularly on those racks!

3. – If there’s something particular you’re looking for when searching for Nike baby clothes, it doesn’t hurt to check the #1 online retailer. Nike is such a big brand – even when it comes to baby gear – that Amazon has a decent selection online and may have exactly what you’re looking for for that next baby shower gift, often at a discount – and free shipping many times, too!

4. – This online sports store offers an incredible selection of official Nike NFL jerseys (mini-me size). While you’re on the site, take a peek at their other tiny sports gear, including sweatshirts and t-shirts from your favorite NFL teams. You can also find baby accessories like bottles, bibs and more. Shop by favorite team for quick access to your favorite Nike baby gear, for boys and girls.

5. Cookie’s Kids – Cookie’s Kids is an online kids’ department store, carrying uniforms and other popular kids’ clothes. I had never heard of Cookie’s Kids until recently, when I placed an order. If you’re in the New York City area, you can stop in to their brick-and-mortar locations to browse their selection. Everyone else can shop online. And with $5.99 shipping (for every order, every day), it’s easy to place an order online. They don’t always carry Nike year-round, but check back often for restocking.

6. College bookstores – Check the college bookstore (or online store) for your alma mater for Nike baby clothes in your favorite school colors. Game day just got a little more fun for your little ones!

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Finding Ralph Lauren Baby Clothes Online

Are you a Ralph Lauren fan and want to find Ralph Lauren baby clothes for your little one?

Here are a few top spots:

1. Amazon Amazon has a decent selection of Ralph Lauren baby clothes available for sale. Whether you’re looking for clothing for baby boys or baby girls, there’s a lot to choose from here. These outfits don’t always come at a huge discount, but you can sometimes get free shipping on your order, especially if you’re a Prime member.

2. – Here’s a surefire bet for Ralph Lauren shoes for the entire family, including babies. There are several great styles to choose from, including sneakers, sandals, boat shoes and boots. With free shipping and free returns – and no minimum order to get it – is a great place to buy something that needs to be tried on (like shoes).

3. – Believe it or not, going directly to the source can sometimes be your best bet for a great deal on designer clothes for kids. Keep a close eye on the sale section on – and you can save up to 50%. Pair those sale prices with an online discount coupon code to score extra savings!

4. Kohls – Get the Ralph Lauren look for less at Kohls, with the Chaps line from the same designer. You’ll find everything from colorful polos to button downs for baby to one-piece baby outfits and accessories in stores and online.

5. Your favorite department store – Don’t forget to check the website for your favorite department store for sales on Ralph Lauren baby clothes online. Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale’s, Dillards and Macy’s are all examples of department stores which carry the Ralph Lauren line in stores and online. Be sure to check the sale section and shop off-season for best prices.

6. – This online closeout site tends to have a good selection of Ralph Lauren baby clothes, especially if you’re looking for shoes for your littlest one.

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Buying Cheap Baby Clothes Online With EBay

A little known secret for stocking up on cheap baby clothes online is eBay.

Especially at the newborn stages, there is a lot of baby clothing out there – and much of it never even gets worn more than once or twice (and sometimes never at all)!

One thing people tend to overbuy when they’re expecting – or someone they know is expecting – is baby clothing.

And that means that there can be drawers full of clothes that one little newborn can’t possibly wear out before his or her next growth spurt, which always seems to come more quickly than you’d expect.

Here are a few tips for buying cheap baby clothes online with eBay:

1. Shop by brand. Choose your favorite brand or two and search by that to find singular outfits or several outfits from one seller.

2. Shop by lot. Rather than purchasing each individual outfit separately, like you might in a store, eBay allows you to shop by “lot”, which makes buying cheap baby clothes online even simpler. Search by your baby’s size (don’t forget to leave room for growth!) and use the term “lot” in your search – and you’ll be able to pull up entire wardrobes for sale in that size. For instance, try searching for “baby clothes 18-24 months lot” brings up over 1,600 listings. If you find one you like and you’re able to score a great “lot” of clothing for the particular size your baby needs, you could have your baby clothes shopping done with just one click. How easy is that?

3. Consolidate purchases. If you stumble on one seller with a similar taste in baby clothes, check out their other options. If you can find more than one purchase from the same seller, you may be able to save on shipping costs, which is always a good thing.

4. Read thoroughly. Be sure to read those descriptions thoroughly before placing your bids. Sellers will often tell you exactly what the condition of the clothing is – and sometimes in great detail. Descriptions also include information about shipping and return policies (or sometimes the lack of one). Make sure you check these out and read everything through carefully before placing your bids.

You can definitely find some great deals at eBay when buying cheap baby clothes online!

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Baby Clothes Online: Quality or Quantity?

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Do you purchase baby clothes online?

If so, do you go for quality or quantity?

My answer? Shoot for both!

With the following recommendations for baby clothes online, you’ll get quality clothing in the quantity you need.

Where to find quality baby clothes online:

  •  Ebay – Bid on auctions or choose a buy it now lot. You can get a LOT of clothing for very little when you purchase in lots. Be sure the seller has a good rating and good CLEAR pictures of the clothing. Read their history and make sure that other buyers have gotten what they paid for. This can be a great way to get a LOT of clothes for very cheap!
  • Zulily – It’s hit or miss if there is going to be a sale you like, but they have new ones every day and they always offer cute baby clothes!
  • The Children’s Place – You’ll always find great options. Be sure to check their sale section and to see if they have any current sales going on.
  • Kohl’s – Kohl’s sells many popular brands of baby clothes online. Consider waiting to make your purchases until you can get Kohl’s Cash back and use a coupon code.
  • Local Swap Groups on Facebook– Ask your local friends if there is a yard sale or “swap” group in your area. My SIL has gotten SO much baby clothing through these groups. She’s also sold her old baby clothing online as well. So it’s a great way to rotate your stash if you aren’t keen on hanging onto clothing to use as hand me downs.

Remember when you purchase baby clothes online that your baby will grow quickly! A baby doesn’t need a wardrobe that rivals your own. That first  year, between gifts, hand me downs from friends and family and the clothing you purchase yourself…your baby will go through more  clothing then you thought possible!

Where do you purchase baby clothes online? Comment below and let us know! We might add it to our list!

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Save 50% or More on Zutano Baby Clothes

These Zutano baby clothes are adorable !

Right now you can save 50% or more on Zutano baby clothes (for boys and girls). Items start at $6 each with free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

It looks like most are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable. Most are also eligible for FREE 90-day returns on baby items from in the Amazon Baby Store, which is super helpful when baby hits a growth spurt you weren’t expecting!


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Baby Clothes: How To Save Money and How To Make Money

Aww, you had a baby! Chances are, your friends and family bought you tons of baby clothes and showered you with hand me downs. At some point though, you’ll have to buy baby clothes yourself.

Here are my tips on how to save money on baby clothes and yes, even how to MAKE money on baby clothes!

How to Save Money on Baby Clothes

Tip #1: Remember, they are in these clothes for an instant! Most babies grow out of their clothes faster than you can wash them! (well okay, maybe not that fast…unless you are like me and super behind on laundry). When you keep this very first and MOST IMPORTANT tip in mind, it will put it all into perspective.

Tip #2: If baby is at home, baby clothes should consist of a onesie (short or long sleeve depending on the temperature) and some pants/shorts/socks. Keep the cute clothes for when you are running around town. This cuts down on the cute clothes you have to buy and also keeps the nice clothes looking nice.

Tip #3: Invest in a good stain remover. I’ve always used shout, but a friend of mine recently introduced me to Dreft stain remover which is awesome! I don’t actually recommend Dreft detergent (it’s just marketing…any free and clear detergent will do just fine for baby clothes), but the stain remover is comparable to any other stain remover out there and works great!

Tip #4: Consignment shops and thrift shops. Make them your BEST friend. Shop there and shop there often! Fill in the blanks in your little ones wardrobe at Walmart and Target and focus on finding the cute stuff secondhand. Baby clothes are in abundance down at your local consignment shop, I promise! My kids dressed in name brand clothing all the time when they were babies and I paid pennies for it.

Tip #5: Accept hand me downs! NO, you are not too good for that bag of clothes your friend wants to drop off for you to sift through! Hand me downs are awesome and you might not like everything but you will like SOMETHING!

How to Make Money on Baby Clothes

Tip #1: Remember when I said to make consignment shops your best friend? Sell the clothes your child has grown out of! Use your credit to buy more clothes in bigger sizes! Rinse and repeat!

Tip #2: Keep your baby clothes in good condition so they will resale for a higher price.

Tip #3: Sell your baby clothes yourself on Ebay, Craigslist or in a garage sale. You’ll get more money when you sell yourself, but you also have to deal with the hassle of selling on your own (unlike a consignment store which does it for you, BUT you share in the profit).

Tip #4: Don’t buy ALL your baby clothes on the cheap. You know baby is going to need some pretty dresses or boys dress clothes, you might as well spend a bit more so you have something worth reselling after he/she grows out of it.

Tip #5: Rather than reselling, get in a group with some friends and swap clothes! This is fun and frugal.

Baby clothes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

Learn more about baby clothes today! 

How do you save on baby clothes? Comment below!

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