FREE Egg Decorating Tattoos Fiora Giveaway (First 100,000)!


HURRY! Head over to Fiora Facebook page and register to score FREE Egg Decorating Tattoos (first 100,000)!!! Then come back March 16th – April 5th and submit a photo of your eggs to the #EggspressYourself Gallery for a chance to win Visa gift cards and Fiora products!!!

Thanks Hip2Save

50,000 Facebook Like $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

When I first started this site several years ago, I never dreamed it would be anything more then a place to direct my family and friends who wanted to learn more about couponing.

I did not have big ambitious goals for the site and to be entirely honest I’m not sure I even had the slightest inkling as to what I was really getting myself into.

Somehow, here we are though.

A BIG milestone was hit the other day.

Social media #’s can be considered “vanity numbers” and I’m the first to admit that a small small percentage of my “likes” on Facebook actually see any given update that I post.

50,000 likes though…that has to be celebrated! 

Within that 50,000 likes are those first 10-20-100 that liked my page in those early early days and that have stuck around for years now. 

Within that 50,000 likes are friends. Real life friends and family who support me and lift me up even if what I do isn’t something that they really have a passion for. They follow my site to support me and I can’t tell you what that means to me. 

Within that 50,000 likes are new friends. People that I only know via the internet, but who are just as near and dear to me as the friend I can sit down with coffee with in my kitchen. 

50,000 likes…THANK YOU!

As a BIG thank you for being one of my 50,000 likes…I am going to give away a $100 Amazon gift card to one lucky Facebook fan. 

To enter is easy.

As with ALL of my giveaways, make sure you are a confirmed email subscriber (subscribe here and be sure you hit the confirm link that is sent to your email address).

Then just be sure you are a facebook fan!

Fill out the rafflecopter form below to submit your entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will go until 2/25. I will pick a winner (after verifying they are both a Facebook fan and a confirmed email subscriber) and contact them to email their $100 Amazon e-giftcard.

This giveaway comes out of my own pocket and is not sponsored by Facebook OR Amazon. It is my small way of thanking all of you for being a part of the Family Friendly Frugality community. Without you, 50K likes would never have happened.

Thank you!

Amazon: Find Gifts for Family & Friends Based On Facebook Likes?

I was just on Amazon (check out this awesome Gilmore Girls DVD set I just posted!) and I saw this banner at the top of the page:

I was curious so I went through the process of checking it out.

When I clicked on one friend’s info, it definitely gave me stuff I know she’d like (and most likely already had, LOL)…but I have to admit, it felt a bit invasive?


What do you think about this? I admit…I’ve probably liked some pages in the past that do NOT genuinely reflect my interests and could really mislead someone.

The kicker here is that I asked this friend if she allowed this, and she didn’t know anything about it.

Comment with your thoughts below!

UPDATE to add, here’s the FAQ

ETA: You can disconnect your Facebook account from Amazon here.

Coupon for FREE Appetizer or Dessert at Chili’s!

Do you like Chili’s? I sure do! Here’s your chance to grab a coupon for a FREE appetizer or dessert at Chili’s!

Head on over to Chili’s Facebook page, ‘like’ them, and print your coupon! Super easy!

I’d get the Molten Chocolate Cake. 😉

Enjoy your FREE appetizer or dessert!



*Hurry* $1/1 The Laughing Cow Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Coupon!

Who doesn’t love cheese!?

Head on over to The Laughing Cow Facebook page to download your $1/1 The Laughing Cow Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese coupon! Simply “like” The Laughing Cow!

This coupon is available to the first 3,000, so don’t delay!


Thanks Hip2Save!

My Official Deal/Coupon/Negativity Disclaimer

*If I’ve linked you to this, it’s because I feel you need to read 1 or all 5 of my disclaimers below.

I’ve been meaning to write this disclaimer for some time now. Honestly, it will mainly serve as a way to remind people that even though a deal/coupon might not be for you, that doesn’t mean it’s not a valuable offer to share.

Just a few things: 

1. One man’s garbage is another man’s gold. This holds true for deals and coupons too! Now, I’d like to say I don’t post anything that is garbage! But if you are a vegetarian and I post an awesome coupon for pork loin…this is your opportunity to skip over a coupon and wait for the next one. What this does NOT mean is that it’s fair for you to comment with a 2 paragraph long reason why pork is disgusting and everyone should live off of green beans 😉 . Keep some things to yourself 😉

2. Prices flucuate all year long, but necessity and means flucuate as well. Maybe you were able to purchase that awesome deal on Amazon a few weeks back. Now the price is a bit higher, but still a great price! Be careful suggesting to other readers to not take advantage of the deal because you got it for cheaper. Definitely mention it to them! But do know that you might have gotten a real STEAL and by downgrading the deal by making a rude comment, you might keep someone else from saving money (even if it’s not as much money as they could have saved.).

3. Not everyone has a Target. Not everyone has a Rite Aid. Not everyone has the desire to shop at Walmart. It’s cool to mention lower prices elsewhere, but once again keep in mind that sometimes we post deals that might not be the lowest price in town BUT we do so with the thought in mind that not everyone has access to the same stores.

4. I’m human gosh darnit 😉 . This means I make mistakes. If my kids are home and I’m trying to blog? I’m guaranteed to make mistakes. I make no claim that I’m perfect. I do claim that I strive for honesty and integrity and will never try to pull the wool over your eyes. If it seems that I have made a mistake, please be kind. I am far too sensitive to be a blogger, and yet it’s what I love to do. So have a soft heart when you point out my flubs and miscalculations, I promise to respond in kind.

5. From here on out I will delete Facebook comments that simply exist for the sake of being negative. Luckily, those are far and few between, but lately they have been creeping up. I’ve always said that I would NEVER delete Facebook comments unless they were attacking my readers or laced with profanity. Nowadays though? I’m soooo sick of the negativity. I do not, I REPEAT, do not need more negativity in my life. So from now on…if you post a comment just for the sake of saying something negative, I will delete it. None of my regular readers do this. It’s generally just spammers, but honestly it’s got to stop!

Finally, I love the Family Friendly Frugality community. This post is mainly for my only sanity though. As Family Friendly Frugality has grown, so has the negativity.

I don’t have time for negativity and neither should you! 😉


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