Use To Take Control Of Your Budget

If you have not yet signed up with, I encourage you to do so! Mint is a free service to help you take control of your finances and stick to your budget.

I first heard about Mint about a year ago from an online friend. I was a bit nervous to input my bank account info into it for awhile, so I opened an account and just kind of looked at it for a few months. I finally got the nerve to input our info and wow! What a wealth of information. To be honest, I’m not sure how they can offer the service for free. You get so much information about your budget and finances, all in an easy to understand format (pie charts, graphs, etc). will tell you exactly how and where you are spending your money. It opened up my eyes to some areas that we really need to work on (we eat out way way too much!), and some areas where we are doing really well!

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an affiliate for so I do get a teeny commission if you sign up. I’d be writing about it even if I wasn’t! If you’d rather not sign up through my link, you can go direct to and sign up.

Happy Budgeting!

Want to Learn to Make HairBows?


Have you ever wanted to learn how to make hair bows for your little girl? I’m HORRIBLE at bow making unfortunately, but the directions I’ve found that are the most thorough are from Hip Girl Boutique.

They have a lot of bow designs tutorials for sale, but they also have a LOT for free.

Go check them out!

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Eat Like A New Yorker!

Eversave is kind of like the new Groupon. Today’s side deal for Houston is a web deal that anyone anywhere can take advantage of:

$28.80 for $72 worth of cookies, brownies, and pound cake from Sarivole Organic Bakery in NYC

Just go to using this link and pick Houston as your city. The deal will be on the right side of the page!

Save on dining out, family fun, salons & more! Great local and online deals, 50-90% off. $5 off your 1st purchase!

Click Here

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click/purchase/sign up for this offer, I may receive a small amount of compensation for it. A win for you and a win for me!  Have a GREAT day!

Earn Cash Back When You Shop

Get extra cash back from hundreds of top brands when you buy through Shopscotch. Join free today. Shopscotch is a social cash back shopping site (with a really cool name, LOL)

  •  members earn cash back for making online purchases. 
  •  members are able to share their earning activity within the community allowing others to see where people are shopping and how they are benefiting from the program. 

In addition to cash back, members will also earn badges based on their shopping behavior and other interactions at Shopscotch. 

Shopscotch has partnered with hundreds of top brands including eBay, GAP, Staples, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Macy’s and Apple. It continues to add new stores every day.  Sign up here.

**This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click/purchase/sign up for this offer, I may receive a small amount of compensation for it. A win for you and a win for me!

Week In Review: 3 Favorite Blog Posts Of The Week From The Blogosphere

I do a lot of hopping around throughout the week and read a lot of really great blogs. Too many to share in one post! Here were my favorite from this past week:

1. How Do You Spell Love: a great post about those little tugs on our pant legs.

2.10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween– great, practical tips to keep your kids safe this Halloween

3. Want to Write Better Blog Posts? Then Solve a Problem- I love the comment section of this post almost as much as the blog post itself

I had a busy week, so even though I typically like to highlight five blogs, these ended up being the only ones I bookmarked for some reason! I know there were some amazing blog posts this week that I missed! 

Did you write a really awesome post this week that needs to be read! That needs a bit more love? Tell me about it! Leave your link in the comments! 

Crafty Time: A Halloween Outfit

This is just a cute little peasant top and some ruffled bloomers. I bought this fabric at JoAnn’s for super cheap and I was able to make two outfits out of it!
I have 2 other Halloween fabrics to turn into outfits. I’ll share those when they are done!

What have you been crafty with lately? Tell me in the comments or link me to where you posted it! I’m feeling crafty tonight!

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