Tot Tuesday: Face Masks & Reminding My Kids I Am Pretty Awesome

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Tot Tuesday is a (mostly) weekly feature where I highlight a special kids activity, frugal recipe for kids, kids tutorial, etc. Want to contribute? Email me heather @

Last week, my son made a dragon face mask to celebrate the Chinese New Year and my daughter made a dinosaur mask because she’s learning about dinosaurs.

I was feeling a bit left out, so I told the kids that I was going to make my own mask.

They thought that was silly, and for some reason they seemed to have little faith that I could make my own mask (seriously? I’ve been working with 2-4 year olds LONG before these kids were born. I know my way around a paper plate and glue! Plus, I mean…who made them homemade play dough, homemade paint, sponge painting, etc…).

I sat down with a paper plate, a craft stick, some spray glue, pom poms and a pair of scissors and I made myself an awesome mask. (We like to do crafty stuff. Here’s a post about what I try to keep on hand for crafting.)

After I made my mask, we ran around and hid and acted silly for a bit before I decided we should really take a picture of how awesome we looked with our cool masks. 

Having fun with our face masks reminded me that sometimes our kids need to know that we can be just as silly as them. Also, that it’s easy to take for granted that our kids know how awesome we are (and that we can in fact make our own face masks), but sometimes we need to show them just to be sure they remember. 😉

Go make a face mask and run around with your kids. Remind them that you are awesome AND fun. They probably don’t need the reminder, but maybe you do.

The simpler things in life are always the best. 


Just in case you aren’t quite sure how to make a face mask:

1. Cut a paper plate in half

2. Cut out some eye holes

3. Glue a tongue depresser/craft stick to one side

4. Decorate!

There are many variations of face masks, so get creative!

 A big thanks to my kids teachers for making such awesome masks with my kids 🙂 . The inspiration to make my own and join in the fun with my kids is because of their commitment to helping my kids learn all kinds of awesome stuff. You ladies know who you are. Thank you!


Easy Cake Batter Pancake Recipe

Easy Cake Batter Pancake Recipe

This super easy cake batter pancake recipe is the perfect special celebration breakfast! Use a box mix of cake mix to make these cake batter pancakes a breeze. My kids would argue that the delicious icing makes these cake batter pancakes next level AWESOME! #cakebatterpancakes #breakfastcelebration #pancakerecipe #homemadepancakes


3 years ago today, I met my little girl face to face for the first time. I remember my eyes filling with tears as I gasped when I saw her sweet face. The emotions overwhelmed me and I instantly felt a rush of love and affection towards this tiny stranger who I’d felt kicking and squirming inside me just moments earlier.

It was a radically different experience in comparison with the birth of my son. When he was born, I loved him instantly, but I didn’t know what was to come, it was all a mystery.

My sweet boy taught me to be a mom and taught me what it felt like to earn and receive the love of a child. When Elizabeth came into this world, I knew the love and the laughter that awaited. I felt joy and elation at what the next years of our lives together would bring.

Today she’s 3 and I have not been disappointed for one minute. God could not have blessed me with a daughter that was more perfect and more perfectly imperfect in all the right ways. I’m honored to be her mom every single day. 

I love you Princess Peach!


In honor of my sweet girl’s birthday, I decided she needed a special breakfast! I saw these pancakes a few weeks back and I just knew I had to make them!

I woke up early to get them prepared (I actually mixed the dry ingredients the night before since I don’t trust myself with flour and other powdery ingredients first thing in the morning!) and was taking the very last picture (Hey I’m a blogger, it’s a requirement) as the kids walked out of their room and were greeted by Lizzie’s new pink scooter (pulled out of our gift closet. Both the scooter and the LaLaLoopsy doll were bought for under $20 combined!)  😉

These were tasty, and the kids LOVED them. I’m not a sweet breakfast eater, but the bit I did have was very tasty and enjoyable.

Definitely make these for the next birthday in your family! Any excuse to be a Rockstar Mommy, right? 😉

Cake Batter Pancakes

Source: How Sweet It Is

Ingredients for Pancakes:

  • 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  • 2/3 cup yellow cake mix
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1-2 cups milk (mine needed closer to 2, but I started at 1 and added little by little)
  • rainbow sprinkles

Pancake Directions:

1. Mix dry ingredients (flour, cake mix, sugar, baking powder & salt…you can do this the night before if you can’t be trusted with flour in the morning 😉 )

2. Add wet ingredients and mix until fully combined. Start with 1 cup of milk and add more if necessary. I needed close to 2 cups. You want the batter to be a bit on the thin side but not watery at all. Just like typical pancake batter. According to How Sweet It Is, it seems to depend on what cake mix you buy how much milk you need.

3. Fold in sprinkles

4. Cook the pancakes like normal on a hot griddle or pan.

Ingredients for Glaze:

  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tablespoon milk (to start)
  • sprinkles

Directions for Glaze:

1. Mix the powdered sugar, vanilla & milk together until it forms a glaze. You might need to add more milk.

2. Add sprinkles

3. Pour over pancakes!

This recipe made us 10 pancakes but some of my earlier pancakes were too big, so it could probably easily make 12.

What a special treat for a birthday breakfast!

Be sure to check out all the frugal recipes here on Family Friendly Frugality!

The Rice Box Activity: How A Box of Rice Turned This Mom Into a Rockstar

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Tot Tuesday is a (mostly) weekly feature where I highlight a special kids activity, frugal recipe for kids, kids tutorial, etc. Want to contribute? Email me heather @

Have you ever noticed that the simplest activities tend to be the most thrilling for children? 

Today I went to pick up my daughter from school. Full of anticipation for my “Rockstar Mommy” moment of the day (those of you with kids totally know what I’m talking about), I walked into her class expecting a beaming smile and a big comfy hug.

Look at that sweet face!


My daughter looked at me, smiled and then quickly turned around to continue playing with her friends.

I was crushed! What could possibly be stealing away one of my favorite moments of the day from me?

Did I forget something important in her lunch? Did my 2 year old decide that the outfit I chose for her this morning wasn’t fashionable enough?

What was wrong!?

At this point, I realize her and her friends are gathered around a bin of rice. In that rice, the kids were riding around toy cars, using spoons & funnels to scoop and pour handfuls of rice. They were hiding fun toys for their friends to treasure seek. In short, they were playing in a sandbox filled with rice. 

Now this concept was not new to me. I’ve played the good ol’ rice box game at home with the kids many times. 

However, it had been awhile and my 2 year old has a short memory.

Finally, I coaxed her out of the classroom by telling her that I had a box at home filled with rice and toys with her name on it!

When we got home, I pulled out the box and set it on the table. For the next HOUR, my son (age 4) and my daughter played in this box. Not one argument. Not one bit of fussing.

Sure I had some rice to clean up on the floor when they were done, but it’s a great reminder that the simplest things in life are generally the best. 

Oh I’m sure my son will want to play Skylanders when he wakes up, and my daughter will beg me to play barbies.

For just a moment though, I was Rockstar Mommy simply because of a bucket of rice and a few plastic spoons.

Not bad 😉

The Rice Box

  • Rice (any kind, dry and uncooked of course)
  • Cars, Spoons, Funnels, Cups, Shiny stuff to hide, etc
  • Box of some sort (if you have one with a lid, that’s preferrable)

Combine and let your kids go to town! 

Disclaimer: I hardly thought up the rice box on my own, so credit for this wonderful activity is not mine.  Also, remember that dry rice is a choking hazard. Monitor your children and if you have younger babies that like to put everything in their mouth, this  probably isn’t the activity for them just yet.

Not So Wordless Wednesday: My Little Bearded Lady (Craft Idea!)

Look at that pretty girl!

This is what my daughter looked like when I picked her up from school today.

When I first got to the school, I stood outside the door with the other moms wondering why the teacher’s hadn’t opened the door yet?

By the time they opened the door…there was quite the line. Try as I might, I couldn’t see my little girl at all. Patiently, I waited for the other mom’s to get their little ones so I could have my turn (did you know Mom is a rock star at pick up time? It’s true!).

The first child that left the room this afternoon had a few green marks on his face. I immediately assumed that he must have gotten carried away with a green marker and kept trying to peer into the class to see my Lizzie.

The next child that left had a bit more color on their face, and I started wondering why they weren’t encouraging proper marker use in this classroom?

Then I see my Lizzie. My beautiful, vibrant feminine little Lizzie. She looks like she has a beard!

Turns out, they played with face paint today. The teachers allowed them to put face paint on their faces using mirrors. What an awesome idea! They must have allowed the kids to keep the face paint on to show mom and dad. So of course, I had to snap a picture! Luckily it came off super easily with a baby wipe…but I let her wear it for a bit!

What a great idea for a fun rainy day craft!

If you don’t have face paint (you can probably find face paint super cheap right now at any store that carries Halloween costumes! Or these face paint sticks on Amazon are pretty neat), you could just let them use some of your older make up (provided it’s not waterproof…yeesh, that would be a mess).

Anyway, I just had to share my little bearded lady and a fun little craft (courtesy of Lizzie’s teachers!) with all of you!


Not So Wordless Wednesday: Teacher Survival Kits

The contents of the bags along with a fun little poem/graphic.

Tomorrow my kiddos start school! Noah is 4, so he will be in preschool. Lizzie is 2, so her’s is more of a Mother’s Day Out.

I am quite nervous for many reasons!

  • They will be going 5 days a week, they’ve only ever gone 2 days a week in the past!
  • This is the first year at this new school (although this is our church, so it’s not totally foreign to them). Both children had made good friends at their last school, and I’m sad that we couldn’t bring those friends with us!
  • This is the first year that I do not personally know their teachers. Since I worked at their last school for the majority of time they went there, I knew and was friendly with all their teachers.
  • Did I say 5 days a week? It’s only for 4 hours, but they’ve NEVER been away from me that much!

I am excited though. Now that I am a work from home mom, it’s tough to juggle giving the kids the time they need from me on top of household duties and work. Luckily, I can say that I have still stayed on top of my mommy duties throughout it all, but my house is a mess and I’ve neglected some areas of my life that are really important to me (scratch cooking, sewing, honestly pretty much anything domestic!).

Having the children in school 5 days a week for a few hours gives me time to get the things I need to do guilt free and I’m hoping will really increase the quality of my time with my family (not thinking about the laundry that needs to be folded, the fridge that needs to be cleaned out and the article that needs to be written!).

I was a Mother’s Day Out teacher for several years, so I know how crazy those first days can be! I read a cute idea over on Keeping Life Creative recently, and I decided I wanted to do it for my children’s teachers! (I pretty much did her project exactly, I just left out the nuts because I worry about allergies)

The bags!

They are teacher survival kits and they were super easy to make and put together (I had to put together 6!). I hope their teacher’s like them and find them useful!

For full instructions and the print outs, be sure to check out Keeping Life Creative!

Tot Tuesday: How to Start Cloth Diapering Your Baby

Lizzie in her prefold and cover!

Tot Tuesday is a weekly feature where I highlight a special kids activity, frugal recipe for kids, kids tutorial, etc.

Today we’re going to talk about diapers. Specifically cloth diapers. Now you may or may not know that I cloth diapered both my children for a period of time. We didn’t start cloth diapering Noah until he was about 9 months old, and cloth diapered him exclusively until my daughter was born when he was 22 months old.

We cloth diapered my daughter and my son off and on from that point, but eventually decided to stop. Mainly because it was a lot of laundry and I’m quite lazy 😉 . However, I loved our experience cloth diapering and if we had a third child, most likely we’d cloth diaper that child at least part time as well.

Why Would Anyone Cloth Diaper? It’s 2011!

Cloth diapering is actually becoming “trendy” nowadays, but when I first started cloth diapering my son, it was just beginning to catch on once again. There were a few reasons we decided to cloth diaper:

  • We thought it would be cheaper
  • We thought it was better for the environment
  • I’m not going to lie…fluffy bottoms are cute (I mean look at this?!)
Yeah, I know...I look good in blue.
Froggy diaper covers rock.

Those were our primary reasons for cloth diapering. From an economical standpoint, if you have multiple children wear the same cloth diapers, you will definitely save money. From an environmental standpoint, well the jury is still out on that one.

I’m not here to convince you one way or another though. If you do decide to cloth diaper your child(ren) though, I wanted to give you some info to get started!

Kinds of Cloth Diapers

There are 4 basic cloth diaper styles available right now. Here is a bit of info on each kind:

Kissa's All in One Diapers

All In One– All in One diapers are exactly what they sound like. You put it on, and you take it off all in one piece. You throw it in the wash and the dryer as is. We never used All in One diapers. I was concerned they would take too long to dry. Plus they are pretty pricey. This diaper usually fastens with hook & loop (velcro) or snaps. It has a waterproof outer layer.


Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diapers

Pockets– Pockets were probably my favorite cloth diapers. We preferred the Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz brands. Pocket diapers require some sort of insert into the “pocket” to become a true absorbent diaper. Some popular fillers for pocket diapers are microfiber and hemp inserts. I personally loved the pocket inserts that came with the Bum Genius diapers. They were extra long and could be folded over to double up in an area that usually had to account for more wetness. I would often combine a long Bum Genius insert with a shorter Fuzzi Bunz insert in a pocket diaper once my son started sleeping through the night.

Prefolds with covers

Prefolds w/ covers– Prefolds are the diapers that most of us think of when we first think of cloth diapers. The best prefolds are typically made of cotton or hemp. Standard styles are bleached or unbleached (we used unbleached). You must place a waterproof cover over prefold diapers (we enjoyed Bumpkins covers). You might also need a snappi or pins to secure the prefold diaper. Here is a tutorial of different folds for prefold diapers. Prefolds were not my favorite with my son, but they worked great for my daughter! NOTE: Don’t try and use cheap Gerber prefold diapers for anything other then rocking burp cloths. Trust me on this.

Fitted Kissaluv Diapers

Fitted w/ covers- I had one fitted diaper in my entire cloth diapering career. I honestly didn’t really like it that much. It was kind of like a prefold/pocket combined. Basically it’s a whole diaper that is usually secured with snaps and it needs to be covered in a waterproof diaper cover.

I often get asked how many cloth diapers you really need? Honestly it depends on quite a few details:

  • Will you be exclusively cloth diapering? If so, make sure you have enough diapers to take you through at least a day or two. Remember, if you buy only 4 diapers…you will have to wash diapers every 2 diapers to make sure you always have clean diapers on hand!
  • If you use a diaper that uses a cover, keep in mind you can re-use covers several times (provided they only get wet and not soiled) between washings. So you can purchase less covers then prefolds, fitteds, all in ones or pockets.
  • If you send your child to a sitter or daycare, first of all make sure they allow cloth diapers. Secondly, you might need to allow for more diapers so you can leave a few there in case of accidents. If you use prefolds or fitted diapers at home, you might consider getting some easier all in ones or pockets for the sitter.

Cloth Diapering Accessories

Most of these items are not necessary, but they will make cloth diapering easier. Really all you need are the diapers and a good washer.

  • Diaper Pail and/or Wet Bags-Typically just a pail with a lid will work well. You can add some tea tree oil to cut down on the smell. Some people use wet bags instead. Basically a waterproof bag that can easily be washed. These range wildly in size. If you intend to cloth diaper on the go, you’ll need a small wet bag for your diaper bag for when you change a diaper when you are out and about.
  • Snappis or Pins– If you use prefolds, you will need snappis or pins. I used snappis. Pins scared me!
  • Diaper Sprayer– Attaches to your toilet and helps with #2 removal once baby gets old enough to eat solids. We didn’t have one of these and got by just fine.
  • Cloth wipes & wipe solution– Again, this is optional. I never could get on board with cloth wipes, but I understand the convenience. It was always a pain to throw away dirty disposable wipes. Would have been much easier to just throw the cloth wipe into the diaper to be washed. Still, not something I wanted/needed.
  • I’m sure there’s more….a lot more….but those are the ones that you *might* want/need.

How to Clean Cloth Diapers?

Part of me feels like I shouldn’t touch this area with a 10 foot pole. There’s a lot of back and forth about how to best clean cloth diapers. I’ll just give you some general basic tips:

  1. Get rid of any waste by flushing it down the toilet right as it happens.
  2. When it’s time to wash, rinse the diapers first through a cycle of cold water
  3. Use a detergent (VERY LITTLE detergent)  that is free of perfumes and dyes and run the diapers through the hottest cycle until there are no more bubbles left in the water. It might take a few cycles.
  4. Dry or hang dry your diapers. If you are using a diaper or diaper cover that has PUL, be sure to run the diaper through the dryer every once in a while. It kind of reactivates the PUL.

Where to Buy Cloth Diapers

I primarily purchased my cloth diapers from They have fantastic customer service and I always got what I paid for in a timely manner. However, you can get cloth diapers just about everywhere nowadays! Amazon has a pretty large selection of cloth diapers, and so does Target!

There are also several forums (DiaperSwappers,, Cafe Mom, etc) where you can purchase diapers both new and used. Of course there’s also always Etsy for work at home mom made cloth diapers!

Personally, we don’t use cloth diapers any longer. It’s a lot of laundry and keeping up with this site is a full time job. In addition to being a full time mom and a full time wife and a full time housekeeper and on and on and on. Cloth diapering was something I needed to cut out. I’m okay with that. I will say that I think cloth diapering is wonderful and I loved my experience.

I think it varies from family to family whether cloth diapering is truly a cheaper choice, but I do know that cloth diapering really helped us through some very lean times. I was very thankful that I did not have to worry about buying diapers, because all I had to do was wash some!

If you know someone that would benefit from this information, I’d love if you shared this article on Facebook, Twitter or if you are feeling extra generous, you could stumble it! 

Did you cloth diaper your children? Are you currently? Are you planning on it? Tell me about it in the comments section!

Tot Tuesday: Does Wanting the Best for Our Kids Sabotage Our Budget?

Does wanting the best for your baby have to sabotage your savings?


Tot Tuesdayis a weekly feature where I highlight a special kids activity, frugal recipe for kids, kids tutorial, etc.

Guest post by Lisa

Help! My efforts to be frugal are sabotaging my family’s budget!

I’m expecting a baby in November. It’s our second, another son.  But since we borrowed most things the first time around, we need to source nearly everything again.

Let’s preface this confession with a necessary detail. At the risk of sounding like a snob, I’m going to tell you I don’t like cheap things. I want soft, organic clothing for my baby that also looks cute. I can’t abide the polyester maternity clothing you find at typical mall stores. And I don’t want to clutter up our house with baby gear in obnoxious primary colors—I want nice baby stuff that blends in with our décor.

Of course, being frugal doesn’t mean you have to buy cheap, poorly made things. As a stay at home mom, part of my work is to choose quality over quantity while sticking to a budget. But I must admit I’m struggling to avoid rampant consumerism and tone down a shopping addiction that seems to have followed me most of my life as I stare down the homestretch of this pregnancy.

Setting out to fill the list of baby things we needed, I borrowed a host of items again. Good start, right?

Then I turned to daily deal sites, thinking I would snag bargains as my pregnancy progressed. Zulily became my best friend. I waited for that daily email telling me a new list of vendors was up and ready for browsing. And then I dug in.

So, three months later, how is my plan progressing?

I’ve more than filled our need for organic baby clothing. My maternity wear is varied and comfortable, despite the fact I am wearing few things from my first pregnancy.

BUT we’re still lacking a monitor, car seat, high chair–all the big ticket items! Not to mention other things we’ll need like a changing pad and cloth diapers.

Our budget is shrinking. Yet those daily deal sites still suck me in. I tremble as I see yet another organic baby clothing company featured, afraid to look but unable to close my browser.

I have to remind myself constantly: Just because it’s a deal doesn’t mean you should buy it. If you don’t really need it, don’t get it!

Like Heather long ago, I’m just starting to learn how to be a frugal mom. You’d be horrified if you knew how much I spend on food every month. I tell myself it’s because I buy mostly organic and rarely pick up the processed items that most coupons seem to be available for.

But does living healthy have to be so expensive? As this new baby’s due date approaches, I’m realizing the choices I make now will impact our savings for his and his brother’s benefit down the road.

I want to make better, more frugal choices for my family. But I need help.

Tell this frugal newbie, how do you keep your spending on track?

Lisa Banks is the resident blogger at, where you’ll find the cutest children’s hats ever knit by hand. Shop sweet baby girl hats and rambunctious baby boy hats , for newborns right up to picky preteens. Stop by the Beanie Designs Blog for promotions, giveaways, and family inspiration—then catch us on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Are you interested in guest posting on Family Friendly Frugality? Please email me heather @ I’m looking for anything in the family friendly/frugal niche, but specifically how-to’s, DIY posts and RECIPES! Must be original content not posted elsewhere.

Tot Tuesday: DIY Boys Construction Name Plaque-Wall Decor

Tot Tuesday is a weekly feature where I highlight a special kids activity, frugal recipe for kids, kids tutorial, etc.

This is a guest post by Faith.

Quick Note from Heather: This is probably the coolest tutorial EVER featured on FFF. Be sure to leave a comment and also to visit Faith’s blog for more cool DIY projects!

This is a cute, inexpensive gift which you can personalize that would make a great addition to any little boy’s room.

Materials Needed:

  • 40″ of Satin Ribbon (The whole roll was $2 at Walmart so this was very inexpensive)
  • Lighter (if you don’t have a lighter you could use a match as well)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Mod Podge (Any type of glue would work really…I just prefer Mod Podge)
  • Wooden Cut Out Letters ($1.50 for a whole bag which contains two of each letter at Walmart)
  • Sandpaper
  • Toothpick
  • Paintbrush/Sponge
  • 7″x9″ Rectangle Wooden Plaque ($2.99 at JoAnn Fabrics and let’s not forget to use that 40% off coupon! )
  • Construction Truck wooden cut out – prepainted ($0.59 at JoAnn Fabrics)
  • Paint (colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, White & Black)
  • Clear Gloss Spray Paint (optional)

**Note to save money, if you’re not someone who crafts a lot and don’t have standard crafting supplies (paint brush, hot glue gun, paint, sandpaper, etc…see if a friend you know has these materials and would be willing to let you borrow them for this project so you don’t have to buy your own).

First I started by mixing some of the blue and white paint together to create a light blue. You can play around with mixing different amounts of each colors until you reach the shade you like.

Then with a sponge brush and using wide, even strokes from left to right, right to left, I painted the surface of the rectangular plaque.

Try not to go over the edge. This will save you a few extra coats of paint when you paint the edge of the plaque (I learned this from experience, as you can see!)

Paint the letters red. Make sure to paint the edges of the letters as well.

Then I added in some lighter and darker strokes to give the background more dimension. I achieved this effect by combing the blue and white again only not mixing it the whole way. This allowed my brush to create streaks of lighter and darker shades of blue through the background.

Next, with a toothpick, use the white paint to create some highlights on the letters.

Then paint the edge of the plaque yellow. Paint 3 or 4 layers around the edge allowing the paint to dry in between coats (which doesn’t take long for acrylic).

Then paint black lines around the edge of the plaque on the yellow area.

Once you have painted the black lines, paint the vertical edge of the plaque black.

Then position your letters and the truck in place. Once you’ve decided where you want them to go, paint some Mod Podge on the back of the letters and truck and glue them down on the plaque.

Then paint the entire back of the plaque black to create a more finished look.

With a toothpick, write whatever message you like on the back.

Then add a coat of Gloss Clear spray paint. This is optional. If you don’t have clear spray paint; don’t worry about this step. The clear coat just adds a special “shine” to the project.

Next take the 40″ of ribbon and cut it in half. Burn each edge slightly using a lighter to seal the ends of the ribbon and prevent fraying.

Hot glue one end of each ribbon to the upper left and right corners of the plaque on the backside.

Tie the ribbon in a bow and simply hang the plaque where ever you like on the wall. That’s it! This is a GREAT gift idea and would make a nice addition to any little boy’s room. (I made this as a gift and now my 4 year old son wants me to make him one).

Thanks for reading!

Faith is the author of Artistic31Mama blog. She enjoys posting about anything from her family, parents, crafts, photography, her faith and much more. She is a busy mom of 4 children ages 3months – 5 years old, and has been married 6 1/2 years to a loving, hard-working man. Faith is a professional photographer and has owned a photography business for 3 years, but her favorite job title is “Mom.” She loves yard sales, thrift stores, craigslist, and shopping on the clearance rack. In her “spare time” she likes to sing, read, craft, photograph, go walking, go to the park with her kids, and fishing with her family.

Are you interested in guest posting on Family Friendly Frugality? Please email me heather @ I’m looking for anything in the family friendly/frugal niche, but specifically how-to’s, DIY posts and RECIPES! Must be original content not posted elsewhere.

Tot Tuesday: Teach Your Kids Good Money Habits (Guest Post)

photo © 2010 Philip Taylor | more info (via: Wylio)


Guest post by Lindsey

Teaching your children good money habits can be a challenge. First and most important, teach and lead by example. If I have learned anything about money, the little I have learned has been from my parents. And thank goodness, because if I had no money lessons I’d already be looking for debt relief. My mom always told me that, “money doesn’t grow on trees,” but I never really grasped the concept until I had to manage my own money.

Kids need to learn the value of money at a younger age. Don’t make it a habit handing your kids money but instead make it a habit to add in a lesson when you do give them money. Learning the value of money doesn’t mean stop giving your kids money when they ask or even if they have been good recently. The main message is that you have to learn not to rely on others for a source of money. So maybe a chore can be added in to make a little extra cash that week or even saying no so that the child realizes at a young age that to have nice, new things you have to work for them. Kids these days have that sense of entitlement, which is where the problem lays and starts!

The balance is very important. If you give your kids money every time they ask or don’t even give them any money at all it will be less likely that they will learn the value of money and work. Imagine if you had no money managing skills and got a job that paid well. You would probably go and spend most of your paycheck in an unreasonable time. Before, you had no money to manage and now, you have yet to understand the importance of those skills.  For example, if your child asks for money, consider how often they ask. Are they coming back to soon?

Kids need to learn that some of every sum of money you receive needs to be saved. Also a legitimate way of making money is also a very valuable principle for kids to learn. Giving your children chores is very important lesson because it’s as if their chores are their job. Give them a set amount of money every week. Or, if they are older maybe even require that they take a month to finance their activities and responsibilities. Once they are old enough to get a job, stop giving them money. Sometimes saying no is important. It may even be healthy to ask them to do extra chores for a bit of extra cash so they understand that money comes from hard work; and the hard work isn’t the only job. Managing the money correctly is a job in and of itself. Reinforcing the lessons of good financial behavior will allow your child to be more likely to thrive with their own finances and job in the future. They will have an appreciation not only for money, but also earning it their own.

Lindsey is from and has her parents to thank for teaching her about money. Hopefully now debt relief will not be in her future vocabulary or her childrens. She loves reading, writing, and green living.

Are you interested in guest posting on Family Friendly Frugality? Please email me heather @

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