DIY Paint Pasta Necklace Craft For Kids!

DIY Paint Pasta Necklace Craft

A fun and easy craft for all age levels! Make this DIY Paint Pasta Necklace Craft For Kids! This craft idea might seem simple, but your kids will love it! This is a great craft for your kids to make gifts for their loved ones.

So my son LOVES to paint. My daughter is less than enthused over painting, but my son would paint all day long if I let him (let’s face it though, painting requires a lot of vigilance and sometimes the dishes need to get done, blogs need to be posted, kids need to be fed…).

Painting on paper is fun, but painting on something out of the ordinary is EXTRA fun for a 3 year old.

Today I decided that I wanted something that would require a bit more precision and use of fine motor skills rather than broad brush strokes. So I pulled out the pasta!

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To make these diy paint pasta necklaces, you don’t need much in the way of supplies, and most likely you already have everything on hand:

*Paint (I used the Dixie cups to pour the paint into) You could use my diy make your own paint recipe for this!
*Paintbrushes or qtips (I like q-tips for this project because it allows for more precision with little hands, but always be careful when giving q-tips to kids!)
*Pasta (penne or ziti work best, penne has those neat grooves though!)
*Knitting needle (not pictured above…pictured later)

Start off by showing your little one how to paint the pasta. Give them a few to paint and let them have at it

Next let the pasta dry. My little guy did not want to stop painting so I handed him some paper and let him paint away while the pasta dried.

Once the pasta dries, cut a piece of yarn long enough to easily slip on and off over your child’s head. Thread the yarn through the yarn needle.

Take one piece of pasta and push over the needle and toward the end, leaving a bit of a tail. Tie the tail with the remaining yarn on the other side like this:

Make sure the needle is threaded through the yarn and hand your anxious child the needle (soft plastic only!!!) and show them how to thread the pasta onto the yarn. Depending on their age and dexterity, you might have to help a lot or a little with this.

My little guy had no problem putting the pasta on the needle, but he needed a bit of help knowing when to change his hands from below the pasta to above so he could slide it down.

When your little one is done, tie a loose knot at the end and slip it over their head (always watch your child when they are wearing anything around their neck and don’t allow them to wear this or any necklace unsupervised!).
Of course, my son refused to wear it. Tried to get my daughter to wear it and she wasn’t too pleased either.

At least we had fun making it!

You can find this and other arts and crafts in the tab on top of my blog labeled DIY Arts and Crafts

If you make this diy paint pasta necklace, let me know! And if you blog about it, link me! It’s not exactly a new concept, but it’s a lot of fun!

Fun and Easy Make Your Own Play Dough Recipe

Make Your Own Play Dough Recipe

Check out this fun and easy make your own play dough recipe for kids! Slime is all the rage nowadays, but kids still love Play Dough! Mom will love this non crumbly, made from ingredients you already have on hand, non stinky play dough recipe! Hurry and make this play dough with your kids. It is an awesome sensory activity no matter what your age!

I detest the smell of Play Doh. I remember disliking it even when I was a little girl and I loved playing with it myself.

When I was newly pregnant with my daughter, I almost had to leave working in the church nursery because the kids were playing with play doh and the smell just overwhelmed me.

Not to mention…it’s crumbly, it sticks to your carpet, it goes dry very easily, it can be expensive (although if you are in the market for the real deal…this is a GREAT price right now!)!

The early childhood educator in me knows that there are many benefits to the creative play that play dough offers:

Play dough (and other art materials)

Any early childhood educator will tell you: The benefits of play dough are enormous. Not only does it give children a chance to get creative, it’s also great for small-motor-skills’ development (hand/finger muscles) and can be soothing in times of stress (think of the corporate executive’s squeeze ball)

So I was on the hunt for a make your own play dough recipe that wasn’t crumbly, was easy for my kids little hands to manipulate, and was low cost.

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I tried many different recipes. Some were rock hard, some started to go bad after only a day or two, and some required ingredients I don’t typically have on hand.I stumbled upon this recipe, and with some slight tweaks, it’s the best one I’ve found yet.

The consistency of the play dough is more soft and pliable than commercial play doh and it’s very easy for little hands to manipulate. It lasts a LONG time too.

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Make Your Own Play Dough Recipe

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 2 teaspoons cream of tarter
  • 1 teaspoon oil
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • food coloring


  1. Mix all ingredients (add food coloring last)*.
  2. Stir over medium heat until smooth.
  3. Remove from pan, let cool slightly, and knead until blended and smooth.
  4. Store in a plastic bag or airtight container when cooled.


*I added food coloring during the kneading process. I also found the dough was way too sticky while kneading and added a good bit of flour until I got the consistency I wanted.
You don’t need fancy toys to play with play dough, cookie cutters, plastic knives work fine (age appropriate of course).
However, you might check out this fun play dough accessory kit. It is very well priced and will last forever!
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